Watsons x Hello Kitty Collection

Now that December has arrived, many Singaporeans are gearing up for their year-end holidays. In addition to packing clothes, skincare, and over-the-counter medicine for travel, necessities such as sanitisers and tissues are also indispensable. 

No worries if you haven’t gotten them yet ‒ Watsons has a new Hello Kitty lifestyle essentials collection, which includes insect repellents and wet wipes. 

The collection

Watsons x Hello Kitty Collection

The pandemic served as a wake-up call for many Singaporeans to pay more attention to the importance of hygiene. 

Stay safe and protect yourself from germs with the Hello Kitty 3D Hand Sanitiser and Hello Kitty Hand Sanitiser in Lemon & Grapefruit. You can easily hook the former onto your bag thanks to its detachable rubber ring, and the slim design of the latter allows it to easily fit in your pocket. 

To eliminate germs on airplane seats or tables in an eatery, the Hello Kitty Disinfectant Spray, featuring an illustration of Hello Kitty in a car, will come in handy. Rest assured that a few sprays of the disinfectant will leave you with a sanitary surface.  

Watsons x Hello Kitty Collection

If hiking and venturing into the wild are part of your overseas itinerary, be sure to bring along the Hello Kitty Insect Repellent to ward off bites from creepy crawlers. Each pack consists of four patches, and they last up to 12 hours. 

Since there are also four designs to choose from, you can opt for either the pink pack that features Hello Kitty and her teddy bear or the blue pack with two Hello Kitty variations. 

Whether it’s wet wipes or pocket tissues, this collection offers a variety of choices that suit your needs. Each option comes with a unique Hello Kitty illustration, perfect for fans of the Japanese character.  

You can chope a table at a hawker centre with the Hello Kitty Mini Hankies, use the Hello Kitty Soft Pack Tissue to blow your nose, and impress your guests when they visit your house with the Hello Kitty Box Tissues. 

Parents with newborns can also consider bringing the Hello Kitty Baby Wipes, and keep their hands clean with the Hello Kitty Wet Wipes that come in sheets of four in a pack. 

Watsons x Hello Kitty Collection

Beyond travel essentials, you can also find daily necessities such as hand soap and dental floss in the collection. Keep your hands clean and soft with the Hello Kitty Hand Soap, which gives off a light strawberry and yoghurt scent. 

For those going on a long trip, place the Hello Kitty Scented Bag in your wardrobe, compact spaces, and shoe cabinets to eliminate odours for up to 8 weeks. You can also pair it with the Hello Kitty Travel Fabric Spray to prevent mites, and kill germs and bacteria. 

As the saying goes: “don’t judge a book by its cover” – the Hello Kitty Super Smooth Double Dental Floss is more than just a toothpick. It doubles as dental floss and a tongue cleaner that removes food debris. Each set of dental floss also comes with a kawaii portable storage case, which is available in two designs. 

The Watsons x Hello Kitty Collection Is Now Available Online & At All Outlets

Whether you’re heading overseas or staying home this holiday season, stock up on your lifestyle essentials with the Watsons x Hello Kitty collection. The prices of items are available in the image above, and you can shop the collection via Watsons’ online store or at all physical outlets. 

All images courtesy of Watsons. 

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