UNIQLO x Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary

It’s not hard to tell Hello Kitty is a well-loved character, especially when brands like McDonald’s and Crocs release exclusive collaborations to celebrate her 50th anniversary. Joining the festivities is UNIQLO, which is set to drop a ’70s-themed UT collection on 25 March 2024, featuring Hello Kitty and her friends dressed up like her. 

The collection

UNIQLO x Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary

Fun fact: Hello Kitty was born in 1974, which is perhaps why UNIQLO is paying tribute to the ‘70s fashion trend in this collection. The Hello Kitty T-shirt in navy greets us with an outline of the Japanese cat in her signature dungarees, along with her name in a swirly font overlaid with a tie-dye gradient.

UNIQLO x Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary

Hello Kitty fans who are also minimalists will adore the Hello Kitty T-shirt in dark grey. It features a small embroidery of Hello Kitty sitting on the front of the T-shirt, showcasing her adorable charm. 

UNIQLO x Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary

If pastels suit your aesthetic, the Cinnamoroll T-shirt in light blue might pique your interest. On the front, Cinnamoroll pays homage to Hello Kitty by sporting her iconic dungarees. And on the back, you’ll find a motif of the puppy peeking out alongside her name.

Kuromi is like that one friend who appears tough on the outside, but is a softie on the inside. She appears in this collection on the purple Kuromi T-shirt, featuring an outline of her and her name on the front, and a silhouette of her on the back with a tie-dye overlay. 

If your wardrobe mainly consists of monochrome apparel, it doesn’t hurt to have the Kuromi T-shirt in white as your newest addition. The simple design features an outline of Kuromi in Hello Kitty’s dungarees, making it a versatile top to style. 

Each T-shirt retails at $19.90. 

Celebrate Hello Kitty’s 50th Anniversary With These T-Shirts From UNIQLO

UNIQLO never fails to impress with their UT collections, and they have done it again with the upcoming Hello Kitty UT collection. Make sure to kope yours once it drops on 25 March 2024, at all UNIQLO outlets and on UNIQLO’s official website

All images courtesy of UNIQLO. 

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