Wedding Planning Tips

Since I was a young girl, I’ve always fantasised about my wedding, inspired by Cinderella and Prince Charming. But now that I’m planning my own, I finally understand why couples get so stressed about the process. The choices can be overwhelming, especially when deciding between a wedding package and a DIY approach.

While opting for a wedding package for your big day is quite the norm these days, it often comes with a higher cost despite saving time and effort. On the other hand, putting together your wedding by yourself has its advantages too. You get to piece together your dream wedding, and have much more freedom and control over the budget. 

That being said, I spoke to five brides-to-be to learn the tips they have when it comes to DIY-ing a wedding. 


1. “Explore thrift stores for hidden gems”

Thrift Shopping
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“My fiance and I are getting married later this December 2024, and we have agreed on a budget of around $30,000. Since we want to splurge a little more on our honeymoon, we prefer to save on the decor as much as possible.  

One thing we did was explore thrift stores for hidden gems because we wanted the wedding to be one-of-a-kind. Considering our love for bohemian aesthetics, we managed to find a few interesting trinkets that go well with the theme to display on our reception table. Plus, we used artificial flowers as decorations, saving us a lot of money compared to using fresh flowers. 

You never know what you might chance upon so I highly recommend visiting thrift stores ‒ many items still look presentable and come with an affordable price tag.”

– Nat, 28

2. “Create a mood board for easier wedding planning”

Wedding Mood Board
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“It is easy to get overwhelmed by every detail when you’re DIY-ing a wedding. As such, my way of making sure that I’m on the right track is to create a mood board to simplify the wedding planning process. 

I compiled images with the theme and colour palette that I envisioned before reaching out to wedding vendors, and shared with them the overall vibe I wanted for my wedding. By doing so, those involved in the wedding planning process, such as my bridesmaids, were all on the same page, picking up decorations and suggesting ideas based on my creative direction. 

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One other method that I found helpful was using the AI features available on my Samsung phone. For instance, I was able to find a similar Chinese traditional hair piece I had seen online by circling the object on a reference picture, and using the Circle to Search with Google function to look for those available for sale online ‒ whether from Carousell or Shopee. 

Since it also provided me with additional information on the meaning behind a hair piece at a wedding, I found it meaningful to learn more about my culture as well. 

Online shopping helps save a lot of money, and you even have the option of a refund if the products do not meet your expectations. While it requires more effort to search for items within your budget, it ensures that you’re not overspending.”

– Kai Xuan, 30

3. “Join Telegram groups to get firsthand information on wedding vendors”

Wedding ShootImage courtesy of Gwen

“Even though my wedding is only happening in six months, I don’t think the preparation will ever end because I’m afraid of missing out on minor details. As of now, I have yet to complete tasks such as purchasing the wedding bands, choosing the wedding favours, and planning the actual day activities. I believe I won’t be “resting” until the wedding actually happens. 

Thankfully, I find joining Telegram groups really helpful because you get firsthand information on wedding vendors from former brides. They share tips on the dos and don’ts, and also identify the red flags to look out for when choosing vendors. 

As a word of advice to fellow brides-to-be, I’d suggest setting aside a clear budget, and sticking to it because the costs add up. Most importantly, enjoy the process and don’t stress too much!”

– Gwen, 29

4. “Note down the things you enjoy DIY-ing”

Wedding PlanningImage courtesy of Maia

“My wedding is happening near the beach this November, which is something that I have always envisioned because I wanted a pet-friendly location. So far, I’ve booked vendors such as photographers, videographers, and makeup artists. I foresee myself finishing up the planning within the next two months or so. 

When it comes to DIY-ing a wedding, I think it is important to focus on the things you enjoy doing. This makes the process easier, and more enjoyable. 

For instance, my interest lies in video editing, so I created my video montage. Not only does this allow me to input my creative ideas, but it also gives me control over how I want my wedding to be.

However, for areas like flower decor, I prefer to engage a vendor just because they are professionals, and I trust that they know what they are doing.”

– Maia, 31 

5. “Don’t feel the need to get a wedding bundle”

Wedding CeremonyImage for illustrative purposes only

“My fiance and I considered going through the ROM process only, as everything in Singapore is so expensive. We wanted to spend as little as possible and save the money for other things like housing. However, as I talked to more people, I began to understand the appeal of a traditional wedding, and I decided to have a church ceremony. 

With that in mind, we have a budget of $15,000 for our wedding ‒ not a lot compared to what you typically hear from others. Currently, I have settled the flower arrangements by DIY-ing them using fabric, which cost me slightly more than $300. I also bought my wedding gown from Carousell for $60, which is much cheaper than renting from a bridal shop. 

It is possible to have a budget wedding, and you don’t need to get a wedding bundle just because of people’s expectations. Go for the decor that is unique to your wedding, and enjoy the process!”

– Jeslene, 26

Remember To Enjoy The Wedding Planning Process

Through the responses shared by the brides-to-be mentioned above, they remind us that no matter how stressful or tiring the wedding planning journey might be, we should remember to enjoy the process. After all, we only get to do so once in a lifetime. 

Planning A Wedding Can Be Simplified With AI-Powered Galaxy S24 Ultra

For smooth wedding planning, consider using the Galaxy S24 Ultra, one of the first AI smartphones. You might be impressed by how effortless it is with the help of its AI-powered features and Singtel’s strong network connectivity.  

 Galaxy S24 UltraSource

To start, the Note Assist function helps summarise your running notes into a checklist. It prevents you from missing any wedding planning details, such as including yourself in the guest count and coming up with a backup plan for wet weather conditions. 

All you have to do is select a passage via the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s in-built S-Pen or your finger, and hit the “Summarise” button. Easy peasy. Plus, with Singtel’s 5G connectivity, you can instantly share your checklist with your partner or wedding planner, ensuring everyone stays updated.

Circle To Search functionSource

On the other hand, the Circle to Search with Google function comes in handy, especially when you want to look for certain items online and learn more about them. 

Take dress hunting for your bridesmaids as an example. Instead of going through the trouble of browsing online shop after shop, simply search for one that catches your eye by circling the dress with the S-Pen. After all, the final stretch of wedding preparation is crunch time, so another time-saving hack is to use a high-speed connection for instant search results, saving you valuable time.

P.S.: Circle to Search with Google also works when you trace an item with your finger. 

Chat Assist

Let’s face it ‒ communicating in a language that you barely know is a struggle. If you’re looking to save costs by outsourcing wedding services abroad, you can make use of its Chat Assist and Live Translate features to overcome language barriers in real-time. 

Since having stable connectivity is essential for seamless communication, especially when conversing with someone in a foreign language, the Galaxy S24 Ultra offers a solution with Singtel’s reliable connection. It allows you to effortlessly express yourself without breaking up in the call, as if having an interpreter in your hands.

Phone Camera ZoomSource

Memories are meant to be made and shared at weddings, and the Galaxy S24 Ultra is designed to capture the most precious moments. Equipped with a 200MP main camera, 5x Camera Optical Zoom and a 50mp high-resolution sensor, the device takes sharp, clear images and 8K videos you’ll want to cherish for a lifetime. 

If you’re wondering where the AI feature comes into play, you might be surprised to learn that AI helps to enhance the details between the pixels. Even if you choose to zoom up to 100x, you’ll still be able to snap a clear photo from afar. 

Singtel 5GSource

Additionally, for loved ones who are unable to attend the joyous occasion, consider broadcasting the event by conducting a high-quality livestream via Singtel’s steady and reliable 5G connection. This way, everyone can be part of your special day, no matter where they are.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra further enhances this experience with its long battery life, so you won’t have to worry about charging your phone halfway through the wedding. It allows you to watch up to 30 hours of videos and listen to music for up to 95 hours ‒ that’s almost 4 consecutive days. 

Galaxy S24 UltraThe Galaxy S24 Ultra is available in seven colourways

What’s more ‒ the Galaxy S24 Ultra is armoured with titanium on the exterior, boasting scratch-, dust-, and water-resistant features. This means you won’t have to worry about scratches on your screen when you’re caught up in the whirlwind of wedding planning and accidentally drop your phone. 

Say “AI Do” With The Galaxy S24 Ultra And Singtel 5G

Weddings are important milestones in life, and there’s no denying that we all want to make them memorable for both the couple and the guests. To ensure that the wedding is what you’ve imagined, tap into the AI-powered features of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, best supported by Singtel’s stable 5G connectivity. They make wedding planning much easier, and let you explore options that might have never crossed your mind, just like how two families of different cultures come together in this short film by Samsung and Singtel below. 


Directed by Singaporean screenwriter He Shuming, this film showcases how convenient it is to prepare an inclusive wedding for families from diverse cultures, made possible by the AI-centric capabilities of the Galaxy S24 Ultra and Singtel’s reliable network.

Besides gaining a new family member, both families were able to converse smoothly, learn more about each other’s customs, and grow closer with the help of AI despite their differences. You can experience this transformation for yourself with Galaxy S24 Ultra, and visit Samsung’s official website to learn more. 

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