Wild Wild In Singapore

With the influx of concerts and fanmeets making their way to Singapore this year, many fans have already started saving up to catch their fave idols live. But for those looking to snag a ticket to an extra special show, perhaps you can consider Wild Wild, an exclusive 19+ show from Korea that’s for a women-only audience. 

TL;DR, the performance consists of a team of half-naked hunks doing strip teases, flexing their muscles and dancing to choreographies that include routines on the pole and rope.

The show

Described as a performance for “women who want a one night deviance”, the oppas at Wild Wild are best known for their sensual performances. Think Magic Mike, but a Korean version.  

The show has just announced an upcoming Asia tour starting in Taipei this May, and ending in Singapore with a two-night run on 13 and 14 July 2024. It’ll be held at The Theatre at Mediacorp, where fans can finally get a chance to catch these dashing hunks up close.

wild wild

One of Wild Wild’s performance highlights include the fan interactions, where selected fans will be invited on stage. These ladies will be asked to lie down, with the performers straddling them to gyrate to the beat. This is no one-way act ━ the lucky ladies will even have the chance to to feel up their half-naked torsos.

Wild Wild has also encouraged women to live their “fantasies” through these male performers, so for those who may be feeling a little bold, this is your chance to volunteer for this unique fan experience.

wild wild

That’s not all — Wild Wild’s shows usually come with a lineup of fun merchandise so you can take home a small souvenir in memory of this day. These include photocards via a gachapon machine, photocard holders, as well as keyrings. 

As of now, these merchandise are only available in Korea, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that they’ll be available for fans while they’re on tour too.

Wild Wild Will Be Coming To Singapore For 2 Days, Ladies Can Book Their Tickets Soon

If you’re looking for a show that will get your pulse racing, Wild Wild’s exciting performance is not one to be missed. Note that only females aged 19 and above are permitted to attend the show. Full details have yet to be released, so stay tuned to Wild Wild’s Instagram page for more information. 

All images courtesy of Wild Wild.

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