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Winnie The Pooh Airbnb

As Winnie The Pooh celebrates its 95th anniversary this year, fans can expect more adorable merch like Disney Taiwan’s Pooh bags and accessories. Meanwhile, an Airbnb in the UK is taking our childhood nostalgia to the next level. Nestled in the original forest that inspired Hundred Acre Wood, this cosy tree house brings Pooh’s home to real life — detailed down to hunny-inspired meals and decor.


When it comes to booking Airbnbs, many of us are used to having air conditioned rooms within the city. But if you’re down for a new adventure, grab your besties and live a day like Pooh and friends in this treehouse instead.

This Airbnb takes inspiration from E.H. Shepard, the original illustrator of Winnie The Pooh. Not only will guests be able to live in a Pooh-inspired house, but they’ll also get to live like Pooh. According to the owner, the booking includes a guided tour through the original Hundred Acre Wood and playing Poohsticks by the bridge. 

For the uninitiated, Poohsticks is a game invented by Pooh in the storybook, where each player throws a stick into the upstream side of a river. The stick that first emerges first from under the bridge will win.

Winnie the Pooh airbnb

From the outside, this little house in the woods looks just like a fairytale dream come to life.

Winnie the Pooh airbnb

The house details down to the iconic “Mr Sanderz” sign hung above the door. Don’t forget to snap some pictures for the ‘gram and indulge in the chio cottagecore vibes of this 1 bedroom house. 

As Pooh is rather tiny himself, the ceiling is also only 2.5 metres high — tall guests will have to watch their heads!

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Winnie the Pooh airbnb

Upon entering the house, a snug wooden room with a double bed and 2 mezzanine beds hanging from the ceiling greets you. The room can accommodate up to 4 guests, furnished with a sofa and shelves inspired by Pooh’s actual house. 

Winnie the Pooh airbnb

We all know how Pooh can’t be separated from his precious hunny. Honey pots adorn the shelves, hinting at the locally sourced, honey-inspired meals that guests will be served during their stay. 

A closer look at the furniture reveals bespoke wallpaper and fabric in cheeky nature prints, created to immerse in the full experience of Pooh’s home. 

Outdoor dining table

Winnie the Pooh airbnb

Head over to the outdoor dining table for a whimsical tea party break in the woods. This unique picnic experience is the perfect way to disconnect from our phones and relax in the surrounding lush nature.

Winnie the Pooh airbnb

While this may come off as a big shock to many, there are no bathroom facilities in the house itself. Not to worry though — you don’t have to go au naturale in the surrounding nature. A temporary bathroom is located a few steps away from the house with toiletries and towels provided.

Live Your Childhood Fairytale Dream In This Winnie The Pooh Airbnb

As we celebrate the 95th anniversary of the adorable bear who taught us the meaning of friendship and love, this Winnie The Pooh Airbnb is the best place to pay tribute to our childhood.

It’s located in Ashdown Forest in Nutley, UK and will be available for booking from 20 September 20201 onwards. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, only UK residents can book this for now. Head over to Airbnb’s website for more information regarding this stay.

Hopefully, travel bubbles to the UK will open soon so that we can go on adventures just like Pooh and Christopher Robin did.

All images courtesy of Airbnb.

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