Women-Only Gyms In Singapore

It’s the start of a new year and you’ve made it your 2018 resolution to get in shape. The problem is, you’ve yet to step foot in a gym.

Maybe you’re intimidated by all the dudes grinding hard at the machines, or you’re constantly distracted by their huge biceps (I know I’m guilty of it). Whatever the reason, regular unisex gyms just aren’t working for you.

Recognising this problem, women-only gyms have sprung up in Singapore. At these girl-friendly gyms, get coached and workout with professional female trainers to achieve your 2k18 body goals.

1. Encore


Encore is a Muay Thai gym founded to bring the traditionally masculine sport to Singaporean women. Interested participants can book a free trial and undergo a body analysis test before committing to a monthly membership.

Address: 452A Joo Chiat Road, S(427665)
Membership Fees: Starting from S$288 per month
Website: http://www.encoremuaythai.com/

2. Amore Fitness & Boutique Spa


From personal training sessions to weekly Zumba classes, Amore is known for being the affordable women-only gym which has it all. The gym even provides spa services for users to soothe sore muscles after an intense workout session.

Address: Branch locations found here
Membership Fees: Starting from S$145 per month
Website: http://www.amorefitness.com/

3. HerLifts


The best fitness results come from consistent cardio and weight training. If you’ve been putting off going to the gym because you don’t know where to start, HerLifts has personal trainers to guide you one-on-one.

Besides regular gym training, HerLifts also provides HIIT Blast, Obstacle Training, and TRX Sculpt fitness classes.

Address: 761 North Bridge Road, S(198729)
Membership Fees: Various passes can be found here
Website: https://www.herlifts.com/

4. Contours Express


Contours Express prides itself on being the go-to gym on the move. With nine outlets across the island, the gym is easily accessible for members who want to squeeze in a quick workout session during their lunch breaks.

Address: Branch locations found here
Membership Fees: Starting from S$89 per month
Website: http://www.contoursexpress.com.sg/

5. The Eaqlia Studio


Exercising is way more fun when you have an exercise buddy. The Eaqlia Studio focuses on building a community where you can meet other like-minded women who’ll motivate you as you torch calories.

Address: Block 102, Yishun Avenue 5 #04-119, S(760102)
Membership Fees: Various passes can be found here
Website: https://theeaqliastudio.com/

6. Lava Yoga Singapore


Remove toxins from your body by sweating it out in Hot Yoga sessions with Lava Yoga. Ease your mind as you move your body into various poses to the accompaniment of soothing acoustic music.

Address: 112 East Coast Rd, S(428802)
Membership Fees: Starting from S$148 per month
Website: https://www.lava-yoga-global.com/

7. Body Temple


Led by an all-female team, Body Temple specialises in all areas of women’s health, including weight loss, pre- and post-natal classes.

The trainers also work with nutritionists and physiotherapists to tailor membership packages according to the individual needs of each client.

Address: 75E Loewen Road, S(248845)
Membership Fees: Various passes can be found here
Website: http://www.bodytemple.com.sg/

8. Philip Wain Health & Beauty Club


The state-of-the-art gym offers luxurious spa treatments and various cardio classes, so members can enjoy rejuvenating massages and facial spas after a sweaty workout.

New members above 21-years-old can enjoy a complimentary one-day fitness pass and physical assessment here.

Address: Mandarin Orchard, Level 7, 333 Orchard Road, S(238867)
Membership Fees: Starting from S$192.60 per month
Website: http://phillipwainsg.com/

9. Van Lee Fitness


Established in 2012, VLF was the first, all-female Muay Thai gym for ladies looking to build muscle strength. Train under professional Muay Thai coach, Vanessa Lee, an ex-SAF trainer on how to kick some serious ass, gain self-defence skills, and tone up your body.

Address: 30A Pagoda Street, S(059189)
Membership Fees: Starting from S$112 for four sessions
Website: https://www.vanleefitness.com.sg/

10. Mom In Balance


Contrary to popular belief that expecting mothers shouldn’t move too much, it is good for mothers-to-be to stay physically fit during their pregnancies.

This ‘outdoor gym’ is led by experienced female trainers, and all exercises are catered to mothers at different stages of their pregnancies for a smooth and safe delivery.

Address: Various locations found here
Membership Fees: Starting from S$120 per month
Website: https://www.mominbalance.com/singapore/en/

Gyms For Singaporean Women

With this extensive list of female-only gyms, grab your girlfriends and get fit in 2018!