Singapore Worst First Date Stories

*Names were changed to protect identities

If you’ve been dating for any amount of time, chances are you’ve also got a worst first date story of your own.

The recent armpit-smelling incident jogged our repressed memories. Because misery loves company, we’ve decided to immortalise our worst first date experiences to entertain you.

1. “He made me sit on his lap then left me to pay the S$80 bill.”

I met this guy at the bar I worked at, and he asked me out. The day of the date, two cocktails in, he asked me to sit on his lap. I said no thanks, but he proceeded to lift me up from my seat and plopped me on his thighs.

Barely 10 minutes later, he said he needed to get cigarettes and staggered away into the night. After an hour of waiting for him to return, I paid the S$80 bill and left.

The fool had the cheek to text me the next day asking me to go to his apartment so he could “make it up” to me. I deleted his contact after that.
Liza, 22

2. “He asked me to meet him in the restaurant toilet to have sex.”

I exchanged numbers with a guy I met at a friend’s house party, and we were set to go out to dinner two days later.

The food was unremarkable, and he spent the entire night leering at my cleavage. I was ready to split the bill and call it a night, but he kept insisting that he buy me a drink. I ended up ordering a mocktail (which I paid for) and we engaged in some awkward conversation.

At the end of the dreadful night, he wanted to know if I would meet him in the restaurant bathroom “for a romp”. I said no, and he spent half an hour trying to change my mind.

I felt increasingly uncomfortable but didn’t know how to tell him off, so eventually I faked a family emergency and left. I made sure to block his number as I walked through the door.
Charize, 25

3. “He was racist and refused to shower after swimming.”

I met a couple smoking outside the club. We started talking and they set me up with their visit Australian friend.

We ended up double dating with the other couple I met earlier. Walking to the restaurant, we passed by a religious establishment and Australian dude said, “Must be a lot of pigs in there”.

All three of us exchanged horrified looks with one another. But I chalked it up to him having a weird sense of humour, and decided to let it slide.

The last straw was when we got back to our friends’ condo and decided to go for a swim. When we got out of the pool, my date said he didn’t need to shower because “chlorine is a disinfectant”. He then made fun of me for wanting to shower.

I never met up with this guy again, despite his relentless texts after that first date.
Jack, 25

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4. “He barricaded the door and tried to stop me from leaving.”

I was on a first date with a guy from one of my classes, and we got along like a house on fire. He invited me to his place after dinner, and I accepted enthusiastically.

We turned on Netflix, had a couple glasses of wine, and eventually both of us dozed off. I woke up in the morning—it was already 10am—and had to rush off because I had class at 12, but this guy wouldn’t let me leave.

It’s as bad as it sounds. He tried to barricade the door to stop me from leaving. My heart was racing and I thought I was going to get murdered. In the end, I dialed 999 and told him I was going to make the call if he didn’t let me go.

He let me leave after I threatened him, and I made sure to avoid him for the rest of the semester.
Pearlyn, 23

5. “She brought her friends along but kept criticising them in front of me.”

I decided to meet up with a girl from Tinder, and she decided to bring her two female friends to the date. I was okay with it, until she started admonishing her friends for being “fat and ugly”.

It got quite uncomfortable and let my date know she was a horrible person for what she said to her friends. Then I told her friends that could do better than her. This was before I walked out on the date, of course.
Reddit user blackhart_

6. “My Tinder date ended up hooking up with my friend.”

L’s Tinder profile made me laugh, so I swiped right. I was with a friend and hastily asked L out, confident that he wasn’t going to come at such short notice.

Well, he showed up and I had to awkwardly introduce him to my friend. I was way too inebriated to hold a good conversation and was practically dozing off on the table.

L was being reasonably pleasant until my friend said she was going outside for a cigarette. He said he wanted to have a smoke too, and they stepped outside together. They started snogging in the street.

I wasn’t mad or anything, I just thought it was pretty disrespectful. Anyway, I left shortly after and unmatched L on Tinder. Also, that girl isn’t my friend anymore (for unrelated reasons).
Elaine, 27

7. “He asked me to sit on his lap at Starbucks and called me ‘uptight’.”

My friend introduced me to a guy that she thought I would get along with. We met up on campus and decided to grab coffee at a nearby Starbucks.

We had some things in common and I didn’t get any red flags from him. The conversation flowed nicely, and I was enjoying his company.

That is, until he started using pick-up lines on me. I was trying not to visibly cringe. I think my annoyance was beginning to show on my face because after that he kept trying to ‘convince’ me to get more comfortable. He called me “uptight” at one point.

Then he tried to get me to sit on his lap. I politely declined, but he just pushed harder. I was growing tenser by the minute. I told him I wasn’t feeling well and that I had to rest. I couldn’t delete his number fast enough, trust me. Never spoke to him again.
Chloe, 25

8. “My date took me shopping to buy a gift for her crush.”

I went out shopping with my crush. On the date, my crush told me that she needed me for a project.

Later in the day, we went to a store and she asked me to pick out a wallet, because she wanted to give her crush a present. I was fighting to keep a straight face, and sadly, have not asked anyone out since then.
Reddit user TimidHuman

9. “He left our date to ‘catch-up’ with his ex-girlfriend.”

I was having a good time with my date until I realised that he slowly drifting away from our conversation. He had this angry/distant look in his eyes, and when I turned to follow his gaze I saw that he was staring at a girl.

She was with someone too—another guy, and my date just couldn’t keep his eyes off of them. I asked him if he was okay and all he said was that he had to talk to his friend. I watched as he marched away from our table and approached the girl. They left together. He didn’t even acknowledge me.

Later I found out through the grapevine that the girl I saw that day was hisex-girlfriendd, and they ended up reconciling shortly after. I’m not even mad; that incident was hilarious. I still tell my friends it’s one of the worst first dates I’ve ever been on.
Edith, 29

10. “I had to pee in my date’s shower.”

I had dinner at his place and had too much water during the meal. Halfway through Netflix and chill, I started to feel an intense need to pee.

His roommate’s girlfriend was using the toilet. I waited for 20 minutes but she didn’t look like she was going to come out. My date then told me I should just pee in his shower.

At first, I thought “No way I’m doing that” but as time went on and my bladder threatened to explode, I couldn’t wait anymore. I peed down his shower drain while he waited outside with a wad of tissue. He never called me again and I don’t blame him.
Louisa, 20

First Date Nightmares

So we’ve bared our souls to you. You probably laughed, then shuddered, and maybe even grimaced. Let’s hope you don’t have a first date story that could end up here.

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