7-Eleven x Doraemon Collection

Several months after 7-Eleven Singapore released a limited edition Disney collection, our favourite convenience store has returned with a new collaboration with Doraemon. Fans of the robot cat can look forward to merchandise like blind boxes that contain glass cups, plushies, and kitchenware to spruce up their living space. 

The glass cups

Titled “A Touch of Kyoto Style”, the 7-Eleven x Doraemon collection teams up with Kyoto-based designer and homeware label Sou Sou to deliver two series of borosilicate glass cups ‒ the Roly Poly Glass with Lid and the Dome Glass with Lid. 

Doraemon Roly Poly Glass with Lid

What’s impressive about the Doraemon Roly Poly Glass with Lid is its round bottom, which allows the drinkware to sway in any direction without toppling. This means you can prevent accidental spills while catching up with your besties over drinks. 

Since the lid also serves as a coaster, you won’t need to use the ones you already have at home. 

Furthermore, these glasses are adorned with adorable Doraemon motifs that set themselves apart from standard glass cups. 

Doraemon Dome Glass with Lid

An alternative that you can consider is the Doraemon Dome Glass with Lid. Unlike the previous design, these glass cups have a flat bottom, and an indented portion in the middle to accommodate the 3D mug lid. 

Besides drinks, you can consider using these glass cups to store anything from stationery to makeup brushes. 

Redemption mechanics

To bring home any of the glass cups, all you have to do is participate in 7-Eleven’s Shop and Earn stamps collection system. 

Every $5 spent at 7-Eleven earns you a stamp, and you can collect the stamps between 25 October 2023 and 19 December 2023. However, note that the redemption period is from 25 October 2023 to 26 December 2023, so you won’t waste those precious stamps of yours.

7-Eleven x Doraemon Collection

For every eight stamps and a top-up of $8.90 in cash or 400 YUU points and a top-up of $8.50 in cash, customers get to pick a blind box that contains a Sou Good Glass Cup.  


Besides the glass cups, this collection also includes other lifestyle items that check the boxes of style and functionality. 

7-Eleven x Doraemon Collection

Shielding you from both the rain and shine, the Sou Good Umbrella with Quick Dry Pouch is essential to have in Singapore. 

The foldable umbrella comes in four designs, each with unique Doraemon prints. For instance, the one in purple features Doraemon taking a nap on white and purple flowers, while the one in white showcases the robot cat in a series of colourful numbers. 

Note that the pouch is made from quick-dry and water-absorbent material, so you can keep your wet umbrella without causing a dripping mess when you enter indoors. 

7-Eleven x Doraemon Collection

The Sou Good Umbrella with Quick Dry Pouch is available at a top of $16.90 with any purchase at 7-Eleven stores or 400 YUU points and an additional $12. 

Ceramic dish

7-Eleven x Doraemon Collection

Serve your meals with the Sou Good Ceramic Dish which comes in two shapes and designs and handles for easier grip. If you prefer a square-shaped ceramic dish, the one in white might pique your interest. It shares a similar design to the aforementioned umbrella in white, and features half of Doraemon’s face. 

As for the round ceramic dish doused in light blue, it comes with motifs of Doraemon napping on a purple flower. 

Rest assured that these ceramic dishes are microwave-friendly, so you can use them to heat up food for a late-night supper. 

7-Eleven x Doraemon Collection

Each Sou Good Ceramic Dish with handle is available at a top of $12.90 with any purchase at 7-Eleven stores or 200 YUU points and an additional $9.

Cushions & plushies

7-Eleven x Doraemon CollectionFrom left: Sou Good Soft Cushion, Sou Good Collectible Plush

Whether you’re binge-watching the latest dramas or just chilling on a sofa, a Doraemon cushion offers both comfort and an aesthetic touch to your living space. The Sou Good Soft Cushion has a double-sided design, with one side featuring a peaceful expression of Doraemon. 

Plush lovers won’t want to miss out on the Sou Good Collectible Plush, which is a 20cm tall Doraemon soft toy holding a fan. Chances are, young ones will love to receive it as a gift, and fans can also add it to their growing Doraemon collection. 

7-Eleven x Doraemon Collection

The Sou Good Soft Cushion is available at a top of $18.90 with any purchase at 7-Eleven stores or 200 YUU points and an additional $12. The Sou Good Collectible Plush is available at a top of $29 with any purchase at 7-Eleven stores or 300 YUU points and an additional $22.

Bring Home The Exclusive 7-Eleven x Doraemon Collection Before It Is Gone

Take this chance to elevate your living space with the exclusive 7-Eleven x Doraemon collection. Since only limited quantities are available, be sure to run, don’t walk. For more information about the collection, visit your nearest 7-Eleven or head over to 7-Eleven’s official website

All images courtesy of 7-Eleven.

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