Adidas x Disney Stan Smiths

Simple, stylish and easy to match, Adidas’ Stan Smith sneakers are loved by almost everyone. Take a walk down any busy street in Singapore, and you will probably catch multiple glimpses of the shoe. If you’re looking to have your next pair stand out from the crowd, or are a Disney fan, the upcoming Adidas x Disney Stan Smiths will be worth considering. 

The Disney Stan Smiths are a part of Adidas’ Stan Smith, Forever initiative, which aims to reduce plastic waste by manufacturing its shoes with recycled materials. It’s no wonder the collection features Disney’s most green characters, figuratively and literally. 

The designs

The Adidas x Disney Stan Smith collection has a total of 8 unique designs, 7 of which are pictured above. All the shoes are made with Primegreen uppers, which are manufactured from recycled materials, as well as recycled outsoles. 

As the collection comprises characters from different branches of Disney, it’s likely you’ve watched a film with at least one of them in it. Familiar faces from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar, Marvel and The Muppets all make appearances on the Stan Smiths to represent their respective franchises. 

Adidas disney heel tabs

A common characteristic found on all the designs is the appearance of the phrase “it’s not easy being green” on the heel tabs. While the phrase is the title of a famous song sung by Kermit the Frog, it also reminds us of the commitment it takes to lead a sustainable lifestyle. 

Disney Animation & Pixar

Adidas Disney Rex Stan Smiths

Rex from Pixar’s Toy Story dials the spirit of going green up to 100 with its version of the sneaker. Thanks to its colour, and intricate textures and patterns on the upper, the shoe’s body successfully replicates a dinosaur’s scales. 

These sneakers also sport gradient laces and the word “STAN” drawn on the sole, making it just chock-full of details to appreciate. 

Another common theme seen on all the kicks is one of the Stan Smith logos on the tongues being replaced with a portrait of the Disney character featured. For this sneaker, we get a delightful drawing of Rex. 

You can cop these shoes for $140. 

Just like the Rex version, the colour of the Stan Smiths featuring Monsters, Inc.’s Mike Wazwoski deviates from the norm. Boasting an off-white body, all-green midsole and several graphics of the 1-eyed monster, these kicks will be great for fun-loving sneakerheads. 

The Mike Wazowski Stan Smiths will cost you $180. 

Take a trip to Neverland with the Tinker Bell Stan Smiths. The shoes radiate youthful energy with the pastel-coloured laces and bright heel tabs. Rocking these kicks gives you a burst of energy that will be sure to make you feel like you’ll be forever young. 

This edition of the Stan Smiths will set you back $140. 

Adidas Disney WALL-E Stan Smiths
WALL-E’s Stan Smiths are a more faithful rendition of the original shoe. Printed on the all-white silhouette of the shoe is a graphic sequence of WALL-E converting a soccer ball into a trash cube. Even WALL-E’s friend EVE comes to say hello, perfect for fans of the modern classic. 

The WALL-E Stan Smiths will retail for $140. 

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Adidas Disney Groot Stan Smiths

The next pair stars none other than Marvel’s Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, specifically in his adorable baby form. Instead of the gold embossed letters on the side reading “Stan Smith”, it features the anthropomorphic tree’s “I AM GROOT” catchphrase from the movies. You will also be treated to an adorable print of Groot’s face with baby-doll eyes. With its cork-like midsole, these shoes pop out from the sea of Stan Smiths while retaining its classic all-white upper. 

Note that the Groot edition is only available to members of Adidas’ Creators Club and will cost $140. 

Adidas x Disney Hulk Stan Smiths

Avengers fans will probably be assembling (in parties of up to 8, of course) to show their love for the Hulk Stan Smiths. 

Comic book geeks can look forward to seeing a 3D paste-on of the widely known “Hulk Smash” tagline on the shoes. The motif of Hulk’s fist on the sole together with the black and green colours of the shoe will appeal to those whose style veers to the grunge side. 

You can purchase these sneakers for $140. 

The Muppets 

There are 2 versions of Stan Smiths that showcase Kermit the Frog from The Muppets. One of them is covered with graphics of Kermit to make anyone do a double take. The other is a more understated design closer to the original Stan Smiths. You’ll spot subtle updates like the green embossed “KERMIT” and a print of the character. 

Kermit’s Stan Smiths will cost $160 (above left) and $140 (above right). 

Adidas x Disney Stan Smiths Will Please Fans Of Many Iconic Characters

With the recent launch of Disney+ in Singapore, there is no better time to express your love for the company’s characters. From Marvel to Pixar, there is a shoe for any Disney stan (pun fully intended). The Adidas x Disney Stan Smiths will drop on 4 April 2021 at midnight. They can be purchased from Adidas Singapore’s online store. Scroll down to the bottom of Adidas’ upcoming releases page to set a reminder to cop them. 

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All images courtesy of Adidas

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