Adidas x HEYTEA Sneakers

Bubble tea stores are a dime a dozen in Singapore, but not all bubble teas are created equal. The next time you go on a journey to find the best bubble tea in SG, you’ll need a trusty pair of shoes on you. How about the new Adidas x HEYTEA sneakers for your BBT adventure?

Bubble tea-inspired shoes

 adidas heytea shoe


Inspired by HEYTEA’s Very Grape Cheezo drink, the Adidas ZX 7000 HEYTEA Shoes are the perfect cop for hypebeasts and bubble tea enthusiasts alike.

adidas heytea side view


The sneaker has multiple tones of purple ranging from a lilac shade to a rich mauve colour. This could be to recreate the multiple layers seen in the popular grape drink.

adidas heytea with logo


Like the classic ZX 7000 released in 1989, this remake also has a breathable mesh and suede layer on its upper. It is made with a flexible midsole as it is a performance-focused shoe, so you know you’ll be comfortable even as you wait in line for your daily cup of bubble tea.

adidas heytea back view


Perhaps to give the shoe a real BBT vibe, the leather heel tab has ice cube graphics while the tri-toned midsole features a dripping milk-like effect.

adidas heytea toebox


The toe box has a clear marble-patterned cage made of the same plastic material on the tongue tab. The pattern looks just like the cheesy grape tea right after you swirl the cheese foam and fruit tea together.

adidas heytea tongue tab


While the rest of the shoe features more subtle nods to the fruit tea, the tongue tab clearly sports the tea company’s logo.

adidas heytea shoebox packaging


The purple-toned sneakers come in a special shoebox with both HEYTEA and Adidas’ logos on it. Sadly, it doesn’t come with a free cup of cheesy grape tea, though.

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Adidas Originals A-ZX series

adidas a-zx series


The Adidas x HEYTEA collaboration is part of Adidas Original’s A-ZX series, which consists of 26 drops from 2020 to 2021. Each shoe will be a new take on an Adidas Original ZX model. With the newest ZX 7000 HEYTEA Shoes, the “H” in the series now stands for HEYTEA. 

Earlier in September, another highly anticipated collaboration was also part of this series. Yep, we’re talking about the Adidas x Lego sneakers, a remake of the ZX 8000 model that now represents the “L” in the series.

HEYTEA Cheezo Tea merch

heytea fruit glass cup


This is not the first time HEYTEA has released merch. The bubble tea company also has its own collection of Cheezo Fruit Cups.

heytea grape cup


The Fruity Glass Cups come in 5 different designs modelled after 5 of their most popular drinks, including the Very Grape Cheezo.

There’s also the Contigo Straw Cup if you’re looking for a reusable cup to sip your bubble tea from. The little fruit charms attached to the lid add a cute touch to the design. You can purchase these cups in store or through the HEYTEA GO app.

This Adidas x HEYTEA Shoes Are The Perfect Kicks For Bubble Tea Fans

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait too long to get your hands on these sneakers. The Adidas x HEYTEA ZX 7000 Shoes will be released on 16 October 2020 at midnight sharp on Adidas’ Singapore’s website. They will be retailing for $200 per pair.

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