Attack On Titan Streetwear Collection

With part 2 of the Attack On Titan season finale over, fans are already impatient for more action to come in part 3, set to release next year. To keep us hyped while waiting for the new season to drop, US clothing brand BAIT has launched an Attack On Titan streetwear collection. 

With tees, skate decks and even a pair of limited edition Adidas sneakers inspired by the Colossal Titan, fans can now “transform” your OOTD without having to inject titan spinal fluid.

Adidas Ultraboost sneaker

Attack On Titan Streetwear

Decked in maroon hues with white stripes, the Adidas Ultraboost sneakers are designed to look just like the Colossal Titan — aka a human body without any skin. While you may not fully transform into the 60 metre-tall titan, these unique kicks will let you literally feel like you’re in Armin’s shoes.

Each pair of insoles features 2 different frames from season 2, where Eren watches Bertolt transform into the Colossal Titan for the first time. 

On the left, Eren appears ready to attack the Colossal Titan, all while decked in his scout uniform and mobility gear. Meanwhile, the right insole showcases a frightening scene of the Colossal Titan releasing hot steam — one of his unique abilities.

The limited edition Adidas Ultraboost sneakers could only be purchased via a raffle on BAIT’s official website. Winners were able to purchase the sneakers at USD$220 each, and each pair comes with an exclusive Colossal Titan canvas tote bag. 

As the raffle closed on 9 April 2022, your next best bet is checking out the comment section on their Instagram page for any potential resellers.


Not to worry if you missed out on getting the sneakers, because eager fans can still get their hands on BAIT’s streetwear collection. 

The Attack On Titan strategy tee (left) features a chibi version of the scouts and titans battling within the “walls”. These walls are spelt out in BAIT’s logo, instead of Walls Sina, Rose and Maria. Sharp-eyed fans can also spot some of the major titans such as the Beast Titan, Attack Titan and Colossal Titan hidden within the letters.

Meanwhile the Armin tee (right) comes in a detailed sketch of the Colossal Titan, paying tribute to the scene where Armin discovers his newfound power.

The Attack On Titan logo is displayed on the back of the strategy tee, perfect for fans to show off their love for the anime. 

Armin simps can complete the full hypebae look on the back of the Armin tee too. Inspired by the manga panel, here we see Armin struggling to come to terms with his fate as the Colossal Titan. 

Attack On Titan Streetwear

No matter if it’s Bertolt or Armin owning the titan, we can’t deny that the massive size of the Colossal Titan is one of his biggest strengths. If you need a size comparison, the Attack Titan can be seen clinging onto the Colossal Titan’s foot on the back of this tee. 

All of the tees in this collection are retailing at USD$38 (~SGD$51.89) each.

Long-sleeved tees and hoodies

Similar designs are also available as black long-sleeved tees and burgundy hoodies too, so you can stay cosy in cooler weather.

Rep the ultimate fan look with the long sleeve tees, each detailing with an additional print of the anime’s title along the sleeves. It’s retailing at USD$50 (~SGD$68.27).

Meanwhile, the hoodie once again features the Colossal Titan’s full body leaning over your back, retailing at USD$75 (~SGD$102.41).


Attack On Titan Streetwear

Zhng up your skater girl look with the Colossal Titan skate deck in black. The Colossal Titan may be slow, but you’ll definitely need a skateboard to keep up with a titan of that size. 

The skate deck retails at USD$75 (~SGD$102.41).

Attack On Titan Streetwear

No hypebeast look is complete without a cap to keep your hair neat. Cop the burgundy cap in this collection, showcasing a confused titan confined between the “walls” of BAIT’s logo.

Attack On Titan Streetwear

Or you can opt for the black cap instead, featuring a mindless titan running in its iconic awkward stance. The caps are retailing at USD$40 (~SGD$54.62) each.

The BAIT x Attack On Titan Streetwear Collection Has Us Hungry For More Action

The full BAIT x Attack On Titan streetwear collection is available for purchase on BAIT’s online website, which directly ships to Singapore. Fans who can’t wait to collect all the anime merch before the season finale can also check out the Secretlab x Attack On Titan gaming chairs launched earlier this year. 

All images courtesy of BAIT.

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