Blackpink x Haidilao Singapore

Earlier this year, Starbucks and K-pop girl group Blackpink released an exclusive collab featuring chio drinkware, yoga mats and aprons in — obviously — black and pink hues. If that wasn’t enough to quell Blinks’ thirst, they’ll be in for a new treat this October — the girl group is now partnering with Haidilao Singapore to bring a collection of new merch.

The merchandise

Blackpink HaiDiLaoSource

While no exact date of this collaboration has been stated yet, Haidilao Singapore’s Instagram page promises that it’ll be dropping this October. The merch is inspired by the animated characters of the girls in Blackpink’s mobile game, Blackpink The Game. 

Mini standees of all four members that appeared in “The Girls” music video are available in two background colours of black and pink.


The merchandise also includes sticker sheets of the animated girls, alongside Blackpink’s iconic motifs such as their lightstick and logo.

Blackpink HaiDiLaoSource

It’s not a true K-pop collection if there aren’t exclusive photocards to add to your binder. According to Haidilao, each set comes with eight exclusive member photocards, as well as a song lyric sheet of “The Girls”. 

Hopefully, this means that there’s no need to cross your fingers and hope that you’ll pull your bias.

Blackpink HaiDiLaoSource

The full set comes complete in a Blackpink tin case — it’s great for protecting your merch from the dangers of your fave tomato soup spilling while eating.

Blackpink x HaDiLao Singapore Collab Has Us Hungry For More Unique Merchandise

NGL, even after the Starbucks collaboration, I still didn’t see this collaboration with Haidilao coming. It’s somehow a hilarious yet pleasant surprise for fans at the same time. 

As of now, there’s no further information on how to redeem this Blackpink set, but Blinks can stay tuned to Haidilao’s Instagram page for more updates. 

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