Blackpink Jennie On Dua Lipa’s Podcast

With the buzz surrounding the rumours of Jennie possibly exiting Blackpink, BLINKs are anxiously awaiting for more news of the K-pop girl group’s future. While nothing has been confirmed yet, Jennie did dish on some personal matters recently.

Apart from their 2018 “Kiss And Make Up” song, fans were treated to Blackpink’s Jennie and pop singer Dua Lipa’s newest collaboration a podcast episode. 

Dua Lipa: At Your Service is a podcast show that invited Jennie as a guest star.  During the sit-down conversation, the K-pop singer shared her experience of being in Blackpink, her budding acting career and even addressed the reasons behind her “lazy” performances. 

The podcast episode


Surprisingly, this was Jennie’s first ever podcast interview. From her trainee days to headlining Coachella, the star reminisced on the good memories she created with her team members.


Jennie also touched on the topic of being burnt out – something fans have been noticing of late.  As the designated rapper of the K-pop group, she voiced out that rapping was all she needed to do and didn’t have the chance to explore singing. She sheepishly admitted that she hated to rap at one point as she envisioned herself to be something more. 

Thankfully as time passed, Jennie managed to branch out and express herself more in other ways, such as her 2019 single “Solo”.

Plus, she shared how much she enjoyed acting on “The Idol” as she always wanted to explore the craft, wanting her acting career to be authentic instead of grabbing any opportunity which came her way. She also mentioned how the role gave her courage to venture into more projects in the future. 


With regards to her “lazy” performances, Jennie explained that she sometimes did not know how to control her body and dancing in heels affected her stamina levels so badly that she wasn’t able to give it her all. She added that she was more prone to injuries during performances compared to her band members.

While she felt like she disappointed her fans when her “lazy” performances gained a lot of attention, the star stated that she is learning more about herself as time goes on. No word on whether she really skipped a concert mid-way to eat Haidilao though. 

The New Dua Lipa’ Podcast Episode Shows Different Sides Of Blackpink’s Jennie

As a K-pop stan, it’s interesting to hear Jennie’s perspective on her life experiences and challenges she faced along the way. You can listen to this extensive podcast episode on Spotify wherever you go or, in any area. 

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