Boys Planet Audition In Singapore

Singapore might be a small country, but we are a nation filled with talented people. If NCT 127 or Jackson Wang’s recent visit to our shores has inspired you to become a K-pop idol yourself, you’ll be glad to know that an audition to enter a male K-pop idol survival programme is coming to Singapore on 4 September 2022.  

Boys Planet

K-pop idol survival programmes are no stranger to K-pop fans. But for those new to the concept, they are reality shows that feature K-pop trainees competing against one another to rise through the ranks over a period of time. The higher the rank, the better chance they have at becoming part of the debut lineup. 

Boys Planet Audition In SingaporeK-pop girl group Kep1er was formed through Girls Planet 999

The audition that is coming to town is a chance for participants to be part of Boys Planet, the male version of Girls Planet 999 which formed the K-pop girl group Kep1er. FYI, Girls Planet 999 is produced by South Korean channel Mnet, which is known for their K-pop survival shows like the Produce 101 series.


ICYMI, the Produce 101 series formed K-pop boy group Wanna One in 2017 which sold more than 1 million albums within 3 months after their debut.  

The audition

Free up your calendar on 4 September 2022, as the audition for Boys Planet will be held at J Platform Dance Studio. 


To qualify for the audition, you have to be male and at least 13 years old as of 2022. While there is no restriction on nationality and country of residence, you have to sing or dance to a song either in Korean or English not exceeding one minute. Note that those who choose to rap in the audition won’t need to prepare any music.  

If you’ve already attempted but failed the Boys Planet audition in another country, you’re still welcome to participate and give your dream another shot. The same goes for all trainees and even previously-debuted artistes. 

Make Your Dream Of Becoming A K-pop Idol Come True By Joining The Boys Planet Audition In Singapore

If becoming a K-pop idol is your dream, don’t miss out on the opportunity to audition for Boys Planet in Singapore on 4 September 2022. Interested folks can sign up on this form, and the organisers will let you know your audition time slot by 29 August 2022. 

For more information, visit the official casting agency’s Instagram

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