Puma x NCT 127

Following the exciting NCT x Sanrio collection, the K-pop boy group is back with another collaboration, this time with their subunit NCT 127 and sportswear brand Puma. For NCTzens who are still recovering from post concert depression since the group performed in Singapore last month, now you can look forward to NCT 127 as Puma’s official APAC ambassadors.

Puma APAC ambassadors

Image courtesy of Puma

The NCT 127 x Puma poster features all nine members handsomely decked in full Puma sportswear, ranging from different coloured tracksuits to sneakers.

It’s safe to say that fans simply just can’t get enough of merch and group activities. To reassure NCTzens, Puma has announced that with their latest signing with NCT 127, the group will be active in 15 different Asian and Oceanian countries.


Puma is also teasing an upcoming campaign with NCT 127 and their SLIPSTREAM sneakers on 29 July 2022. Featuring a monochrome palette designed in a classic basketball silhouette, the AW22 SLIPSTREAM sneakers will be available in-stores from 15 September 2022 onwards.

Fun fact: the SLIPSTREAM sneakers are also the same pair that NCT 127 are wearing in the poster, so this is your chance to get a matching pair with your bias.

Teasers from the members

Puma NCT 127Source

Before the announcement, sharp-eyed NCTzens all around the world have already speculated about this collaboration. In City High Field Day, an episode of NCT’s variety show earlier this year, all the NCT 127 members were dressed in Puma’s sportswear.

Leader Taeyong even made an exaggerated show of pretending to fall, and then picking up his cap and looking in awe at the Puma logo on it. Not subtle at all.

Puma NCT 127Source

Haechan also casually flexed his new Puma socks and sneakers, while Jungwoo eagerly shared with the other members about how comfortable they feel.

Puma NCT 127Source, source

Following the variety show, Taeyong certainly didn’t hold back with more spoilers. He released a TikTok dance cover with Jungwoo while wearing Puma’s sportswear. Judging from their clothes, we now know it was behind-the-scenes footage from their Puma ambassador shoot.

Fuelling his love for fashion, Taeyong also snapped more pictures of himself in a new set of Puma getup for his Instagram stories.

NCTzens Can Look Forward To Comfy Sportswear With The Upcoming Puma x NCT 127 Campaign

Since Jaehyun was announced as a Prada ambassador last month, fans have been anticipating more collaborations from the rest of the boys. If NCT 127 will always be your favourite, it seems like the upcoming Puma x NCT 127 campaign has fulfilled these wishes. 

As we wait for the Puma SLIPSTREAM sneakers to make its way to our shores, stay tuned to Puma’s website to get your hands on matching sportswear with the boys. 

Cover: Image courtesy of Puma, source

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