BTS x Häagen-Dazs

It looks like BTS is dominating the ice cream scene as well. After teaming up with Baskin Robbins earlier this year, BTS is back with another ice cream collaboration. This time, it features their animated characters, aka TinyTAN. The BTS TinyTAN x Häagen-Dazs collaboration consists of a party pack, which includes 10 mini cups; as well as 2 Mini Cups Ice Cream sets.  

Read on to find out about where and how you can nab them right here in Singapore. 

Party pack

bts tinytan haagen dazs packaging


The front of the party pack features the TinyTAN versions of the 7 members. The pack comes with a purple zip and purple decorations because, as V once said, purple represents love. With the bag made in such a significant colour for ARMYs, it will be hard for you to miss the packs when you are looking for it in the freezer. 

nutrition info tinytan haagen dazs bts


Nutrition information is something most of us would skip straight past in order to get to the good stuff (i.e. the ice cream itself). But you will definitely have fun reading the nutrition information with the presence of the chibi (small) versions of the BTS boys on the pamphlet. 

bts tinytan haagen dazs ice cream flavours


Spoil yourself with a variety of flavours with this party pack, which includes 10 mini cups of ice cream. The flavours include Dark Chocolate Ganache & Almond, Strawberry, Vanilla, Belgian Chocolate and Macadamia Nut. 

Small boxes of 4

tinytan haagen dazs small box of 4


If you believe that less is more, choose between the Chocoholic Moments and Fruit Fantasy Mini Cups Ice Cream sets, each of which contain 4 mini cups and a TinyTAN keychain. 

As its name suggests, the Mini Cups Ice Cream – Chocoholic Moments box has 3 different chocolate flavours, perfect for ARMYs who are chocolate lovers. Stock up your fridge with Belgian Chocolate, Cookies & Cream as well as Dark Chocolate Ganache & Almond. 

Can we also talk about the adorable packaging? The box is plastered with the 7 members, and each of the TinyTAN boys’ expressions on the packaging perfectly represents the character traits of the members. We can see J-Hope dancing, RM showing off his killer smile, Jungkook being his usual energetic self and Jin holding him back. 

bts tinytan haagen dazs fruit fantasy small box of 4


For something more refreshing, turn to Mini Cups Ice Cream – Fruit Fantasy. Like the Chocoholic Moments pack, Fruit Fantasy has 3 different flavours. Namely, Strawberry, White Peach & Strawberry and Mango Raspberry. 

bts tinytan haagen dazs keychain


Inside the Mini Cups Ice Cream packs is a random TinyTan keychain. Since you will not know which keychain you’ve gotten, you’ll have to keep indulging in the delicious ice cream. Hopefully, you’ll be able to collect all of the boys’ keychains. 

v and rm keychains

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The keychains are designed in a purple hue with pretty scallop edges, with the faces of the members in the middle. Here’s a peek at how RM and V’s Häagen-Dazs keychains look like. 

jhope keychains


Lastly, here’s J-Hope’s keychain. We still haven’t found pictures of Jungkook’s keychain on social media, so let us know how it looks like when you manage to get your hands on it!

Get Your Hands On The TinyTAN x Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream Collection Now

The BTS TinyTAN x Häagen-Dazs ice cream party pack and Mini Cups Ice Cream sets are now available at FairPrice Singapore. ARMYS on Twitter have seen both the party pack and Mini Cups Ice Cream sets at AMK Hub and Parkway Parade, so if you don’t have time to hit every FairPrice branch, you can check out these locations.

The party pack is retailing for $32.90 and Mini Cups Ice Cream sets are priced at $17.90 each. To sweeten the deal, the small boxes of 4 are currently retailing for $15.50 from now until 31 December 2020. Stock up your fridge with TinyTAN x Häagen-Dazs ice cream and enjoy the variety of flavours as you binge-watch Run! BTS episodes, before the upcoming BTS pop-up store in Singapore.

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