Indie Candles from Singapore for Aromatherapy

There’s nothing like unwinding to the warmth of a candle or its relaxing scent at the end of a long day at work or school. For candle lovers who want to explore other unique options besides those from Yankee Candles or Bath & Body Works, here are 10 candle brands from Singapore to reinvigorate your senses with aromatherapy.

1. Artisan of Sense

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Made of soy wax, Artisan of Sense’s candles are infused with pure, therapeutic grade plant-based essential oils. Fragrances in its Classic Collection include Lavender, Eucalyptus & Sage and Patchouli, Orange & Clove

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If the ‘classic’ candles don’t strike your fancy, take the maximalist route with the Glass Dome Collection or go minimalist with the Tin Candles. Housed in recycled tin containers, the compact candles will not only save you space when packing, they’ll also let you feel the warmth of home, even when you’re miles away.

Price: From $28 for an 85g Classic Collection candle
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2. Candles of Light

candles of light


Light up your living space with the aesthetic terrazzo candle jars from Candles of Light. Its candles are made from beeswax, soy wax and pure essential oils or natural botanical fragrances.

Start the day by burning Dawn, a concoction of lavender, citrus and mint. Wind down with Dusk, a union of geranium, patchouli and spice. The candles are available in tealight and jar sizes, and in a variety of colours.

Price: From $24.90 for a ~85g Terrazzo Tealight candle
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3. To Be Calm

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To Be Calm’s candles are made from soy wax and come in 5 sizes—Mini, Medium, Luxury Large, Deluxe XXL and Tea Caddy. The candles are infused in rich botanicals such as balsam, pine and citrus, with names such as Traveler’s Rest and Contemplation.

If you’re planning on gifting one of these candles, you can opt for the candles to be placed inside a red gift box at no cost. Alternatively, you can have it wrapped in a white gift box or a transparent or black silk bag for $2. Various gift sets are also available if you’re unable to settle on just one scent.

Price: From $18 for a 125g Mini Candle
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4. Diadem Candles

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With the objective of leaving minimal negative footprint on the planet, Diadem upcycles glass bottles and enamel mugs into candle jars. Using soy wax, it incorporates natural ingredients to ensure the candles burn free of toxins and harmful chemicals. The Recycled Bottle Candle comes in 8 scents such as Strawberry & Champagne, while the Enamel Mug Candle is available in 5 scents.

It also offers a refill service, starting from $19.90 for a 120ml refill. 

Price: From $24.90 for a 120ml Recycled Bottle Candle
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5. Sally’s Room

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Sally’s Room aims to bring you “a tinge of nature wherever you are”. Some of its unique fragrances include Scandinavian Woodlands, a fusion of mistletoe, pine cones, high sequoias and fir balsam; and Sake, which features peach, white tea, sake flowers and a hint of spices. Besides the Mini and Medium soy wax candles, gift sets are also available, so you can mix and match a total of 3 fragrances for your loved ones.

If you’re looking for a personalised gift that can’t be found elsewhere, Sally’s Room offers candle-making classes that allow you to customise your own candles adorned and shaped with ingredients such as coffee beans and dried flowers.

Price: From $15 for an 80g Mini Soy candle
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6. Hysses



From candles to hair masks and even BB creams, Hysses promises the use of only natural botanical and bioactive ingredients in its products. Its essential oil-infused Beeswax Candles comes in 4 scents—Ginger Lemongrass, Lavender, Lemongrass and Rose Geranium.

The hypoallergenic candles release negative ions into the atmosphere when burnt, purifying and improving the air quality. Each candle also comes with a glass lid that acts as a snuffer while looking pretty on your desk too. 

Price: $32.90 for a 100g Beeswax Candle
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7. Hush Candle



Hush Candle’s soy wax candles are scented using only natural essential oils carefully sourced from around the world. Each candle contains roughly 5-10ml of pure essential oil(s), so the candles not only smell lovely but also have therapeutic benefits for the mind and body. Some of its bestsellers include Lemongrass, Peppermint Orange and Bergamot Basil.

Price: From $18 for a ~113g candle
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8. Candescent Box

candescent box


Candescent Box offers soy candles in two sizes; Classic (250g) and Mega (300g). If purchasing a Mega candle, you can also choose between a white, blue or pink jar. Some of its highly-rated scents include 50 Shades Of Grey, a sensual mix of cedar wood, bergamot, mandarin and lime, as well as You Are Beautiful, a combination of avocado and mint. 

With the goal of reducing packaging waste, customers are encouraged to refill their existing candle jars, starting from $10. Bring down your empty jar to Candescent Box at one of its pop-up locations, pick your desired scent and make payment to confirm your order. Refill orders consisting of 5 jars or less will be ready for collection within 3 working days, and orders of 6 jars or more will take no more than 7 working days.

Price: From $48 for a 250g Classic Soy Candle
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9. Quofic



Each of the candles from Quofic has its own beneficial properties. If your mind often wanders when you study, try Alexandria (sandalwood and vanilla), which improves concentration and focus. Those who have trouble sleeping can opt for Abyssinia (lavender and rosemary), which promotes and enhances sleep. 

It also has small candles available as door gifts in 5 scents—Orchid, Sandalwood Cinnamon, Vanilla, Rose and Lavender. If you’re planning on gifting these to your friends and family, or for events like weddings, you will save more if you order in bulk. Orders over 50 pieces retail at $7/piece, orders over 100 pieces at $6/piece, orders over 500 pieces at $5/piece, and orders over 1,000 pieces at $4/piece.

Price: From $40 for a 300g candle
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TEMPLE candles are inspired by the “exotic lifestyle of island living”, with scents such as  Singapore Orchid and Lime, Basil and Mandarin. The clear-burning candles are made of an organic coconut wax blend infused with pure Australian essential oil fragrances, which typically include a mixture of botanical, fruity and herbaceous scents.

The candles are packed in a classy black-and-white box adorned with a handwoven Chinese eternal knot, symbolising good luck and longevity. 

Price: $79 for a 370g candle
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