CASETIFY x Oreo Collection

Previously, Casetify launched their Monster Inc. collection for a scary good time and now, the brand is bringing back another sweet collaboration for us to zhng up our phone game. 

Fresh out of the oven is the new Casetify x Oreo collection. Inspired by the classic cookie treat, the series features phone cases and tech accessories for Oreo fans to rep their favourite snack.

The collection

You might mistake this Oreo Carved Ultra Compostable Case for a tasty Oreo cookie. This phone case design takes on the special cookie texture that we all know and love for a sweet fashionable fix ━ perfect for a trendy phone case.

Indulge in this Collectible OREO Cover Magnetic Wireless Charger so you can add a tinge of sweetness to your everyday phone tasks. Plus, your phone will always be fully charged on-the-go.

Satisfy your snack cravings with any of these yummy lookin’ Oreo-inspired phone cases which feature designs of cartoon sticker prints. NGL, these are reminiscent of my childhood days of dunking the childhood treat into milk.

If you are a fan of stickerstyle products, show off your love for Oreos with the collection’s sling bags, wallets and Airpod cases. These special accessories feature Oreo-themed prints which encapsulates the brand’s playfulness with their iconic blue and white colours. 

The CASETIFY x Oreo Collection Has Yummy Looking Phone Cases & Accessories For A Dunkin’ Good Time

The full Casetify x Oreo collection retails between USD$40 to USD$90 (~SGD$53.54 to ~SGD$120.37). This delicious collection is now available on Casetify’s website and their Co-Lab app

All images courtesy of Casetify.

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