Casetify x The Mandalorian

Ever since the release of the first movie in 1977, the Star Wars series has continued to be one of the most popular in the world. 

Fast forward to 2023 The Mandalorian, a spin-off series from Star Wars, has just premiered their third season on Disney+. In honour of this, Casetify has just dropped their new Mandalorian-inspired case collection for phones, laptops, AirPods, and other accessories for fans to show their love for the franchise. 


casetify the mandalorian phone cases 2

The galaxy awaits you with these six phone cases in shades of grey and black. The first two on the left come with a striped pattern that resembles Beskar Steel Ingot, one of the most precious materials in the Mandalorian galaxy, while featuring a small motif of a circle with six spokes. The next case showcases an outline of a rocket ship while another version features the words “this is the way”. 

To really show your love for the series, opt for either of the remaining two phone cases with the words “The Mandalorian” in either black and white or in a coloured backdrop. 

casetify the mandalorian phone cases 1
Add some colour to your day with these five phone cases. Consider the white Bo-Katan helmet with streaks of blue, or the blue case featuring Bo-Katan holding Baby Yoda, venturing through the galaxy. 

Stand in victory with the yellow phone case, showcasing the Bo-Katan and Baby Yoda by his side, in front of a gleaming sun. For a minimalist vibe, go for a simple black and white Bo-Katan design, or an adorable solo Baby Yoda phone case.

The cases are available for Apple, Samsung, and Google phones, with models ranging from iPhone X to iPhone 14 Pro, Galaxy S21+ to Galaxy S23 Ultra, and Pixel 6 to Pixel 7 Pro respectively.

AirPod Cases

casetify the mandalorian accessories

AirPod cases are also available in five designs, including a limited edition 3D Baby Yoda head. The other four are see-through cases, featuring either a Bo-Katan, Baby Yoda, The Mandalorian logo, or a “this is the way” design. 

Other accessories

casetify the mandalorian full
Diehard Star Wars fans can consider the three cardholders in yellow and black colourways. The outstanding cardholder in yellow features Baby Yoda peeking out of the pocket, making for a cute companion on your daily commutes.

Casetify also offers laptop, tablet, AirTag, and Apple Watch cases in this collection, which sport similar, full-sized designs as the phone case, essential for the ultimate Star Wars fan collection. 

Casetify x Mandalorian Has Themed Cases To Prepare You For The Next Adventure Into The Galaxy 

Launch into the new Mandalorian adventure with these themed gadget cases. The collection retails from USD $35 to USD $110 (~S$47.42 to S$149.02). 

If you’re interested in purchasing the collection, it will be available worldwide from 14 March 2023 on Casetify’s website and on the Co-Lab app. You can also sign up for priority access here if you’d like to start shopping for the collection before the launch. 

All images courtesy of Casetify.

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