Cloop Thrift Store

Shopping at thrift stores has never gone out of style. But with inflation, and the ongoing fight against fast fashion in recent years, thrift stores are thriving more than ever for several reasons. You can give second-hand clothes a new lease of life, shop on a budget, and most importantly, uncover fashion gems while rifling through racks of clothes. 

To add to your list of thrift stores to visit, here’s another thrift store in Singapore for you to KIV.

The thrift store

Admit it – shopping in areas like Orchard Road and Bugis Street can become a lil’ repetitive over time. As an alternative, head over to Tiong Bahru where you can check out Cloop, a thrift store with a unique communal walk-in “wardrobe” concept. 

Cloop Thrift Store

They offer a variety of pre-loved clothes, including skirts and blazers, and you get to browse them by size. This means if you need a dress for a last-minute date, you can easily secure it at Cloop. Awesome.

Cloop Thrift Store

The best part? You might even find clothes from brands such as Love, Bonito and Zara in good condition. Instead of paying the full amount, you get to bring them home at a discounted price.

Accessories such as neckties and necklaces are going at 1 for $4, and 3 for $10

No worries if you’re also looking for other fashion apparel ‒ they offer accessories, shoes, and bags as well. Chances are, you can put together a brand-new outfit with just one visit. 

Bring home clothes, bags, and shoes at $10 each

After you’re done picking out the pre-loved items, all you need to do is transfer the money via PayNow or Google Pay by scanning the QR code provided in the shop ‒ no hassle, no fuss.

Note that there won’t be any bags provided, so you might want to bring a recycling bag to bring your loot home.  


In case you’re wondering about the organisation behind Cloop, they are a circular fashion enterprise with the goal of reducing textile waste and overconsumption in Singapore. They hope that this effort will contribute to the growth of a conscious fashion community in our country. 

Cloop Thrift Store

Apart from their HQ outlet, Cloop also occasionally offers pop-up stores at various locations in Singapore. No worries if you miss their recent pop-up at Wisma Atria, you can stay updated by following their Facebook and Instagram for future events. 

Those who are keen to donate their clothes, and help out as a volunteer can also visit Cloop’s official website for more information. 

Cloop Is A Thrift Store In Town With Pre-Loved Clothes From Love,Bonito & Zara

As the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. You might score by finding a discounted fashion piece that suits your style when you visit Cloop. Furthermore, shopping at Cloop contributes to sustainability, so you’ll be pleased to know that you’re doing so with a purpose. 

Address: 102 Henderson Road, Singapore 159562
Opening hours: Mondays to Sundays, 10am to 10pm

Photography by Shawn Low.

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