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Coca-Cola Lingerie Collection

Whether it is with fried chicken or your favourite zi char dishes, Coca-Cola is no doubt a beverage that goes well with almost anything. And now, you can include fashion to that list. Good news for enthusiasts of the drink, as Coca-Cola now has a lingerie collection that features cheeky designs for you to wear under your holiday fits this festive season. 

The collection

Since red and white are part of Coca-Cola’s colour palette, it is not surprising to see many of their designs decked in those shades. 

Coca-Cola Lingerie Collection

Pay homage to the bubbly beverage when you have the Classic Coke 2-Piece Set that features Coca-Cola’s logo across the bralette and the back of the underwear. The classic design is undeniably a simple way to express your love for the drink.

The Classic Coke 2-Piece Set retails at USD$56 (~S$76.10).

If white is your go-to colour, consider snagging the Very Cherry 2-Piece Set. Suited for everyday wear, the lingerie set brings back our fond memories of Cherry Coke with motifs of cherries alongside the wordings “Very Cherry!”.  

The breathable high-rise brief features frilled laces for extra flirty points, and it sits comfortably at your waistline to flatter your figure. Plus, the bralette comes with a square neckline and is double-layered for extra coverage. 

The Very Cherry 2-Piece Set retails at USD$44 (~S$59.70).

It is hard to go wrong with vintage even when it comes to lingerie sets. The Vintage Coke 2-Piece Set gives us a blast from the past with old-school Coca-Cola prints on both the triangle bralette and satin shine underwear. Spot motifs of a refreshing bottle of Coca-Cola, ice cubes, and even a logo of the beverage. 

The Vintage Coke 2-Piece Set retails at USD$61 (~S$82.90). 

Coca-Cola Lingerie Collection

No one said you can’t add some bling into lingerie ‒ the Diet Coke Shine 2-Piece Set features this, and I personally love it. Featuring a triangle bralette and underwear with a waistband, the latter item comes with a rhinestone version of Diet Coke’s iconic logo. 

The Diet Coke Shine 2-Piece Set retails at USD$46 (~S$62.50). 

Coca-Cola Lingerie Collection

Fun fact: Coca-Cola’s logo and can design looks different in every era. Enter the Coca-Cola Luminous Glow Triangle Bralette and Coca-Cola Satin Shine Cheeky that represent the ‘80s.  

Both grey pieces are made with silky-smooth satin, and the underwear reads “I ❤️ Diet Coke” as a way to boast your love for the drink. 

The Coca-Cola Luminous Glow Triangle Bralette and Coca-Cola Satin Shine Cheeky retail at USD$44 (~S$59.70) and USD$28 (~S$38) respectively. 

Coca-Cola Lingerie Collection

Other than two-piece lingerie sets, there is also a hoodie included in the collection. Stay warm with the Coca-Cola Hoodie that features a flavourful ‘80s print in the middle that reads “Coke is it!”. Made of 100% cotton, the hoodie is ultra-soft and comes with a drawstring for a secure fit. 

The Coca-Cola Hoodie retails at USD$68 (~S$92.40).  

Coca-Cola Lingerie Collection

Get bold and add variety to your wardrobe with the Coca-Cola Playsuit. The long sleeve unitard is covered by various “mouthwatering” Coca-Cola prints, with some of them reading “Can’t Beat The Real Thing” and motifs of ice cubes and Coke bottles. 

The Coca-Cola Playsuit retails at USD$48 (~S$65.20). 

Coca-Cola Lingerie Collection

It is going to be a while before we celebrate the next Halloween, but you can “feel” like a bottle of Coca-Cola with the Coca-Cola Luxe Slip Dress. Available in black and red, the figure-hugging slip dress features the logo of Coca-Cola on the left, and comes with a zipper closure on the back. 

That’s not all ‒ it is also made with 92% recycled polyester so you know you’re contributing to sustainable fashion. 

The Coca-Cola Luxe Slip Dress retails at USD$56 (~S$76). 

Coca-Cola Lingerie Collection

Instead of wearing it around your neck, the oversized Coca-Cola Silky Scarf unleashes your creativity by allowing you to transform it into a sexy halter top. You can also style it differently such as tying it to the handle of your handbag. 

Slay your OOTD with the scarf that has motifs of chilled Coca-Cola cans with ice cubes. 

The Coca-Cola Silky Scarf retails at USD$15 (~S$20.40). 

This Coca-Cola Lingerie Collection Is A Fun Upgrade From Your Daily Undergarments

With the holiday season right around the corner, the Coca-Cola lingerie collection is a cheeky upgrade from your usual undergarments. Since many of the designs also come in red, they double as the perfect gifts for that Coca-Cola-loving friend of yours. 

Unfortunately, the Coca-Cola lingerie collection is only available to those residing in the U.S., Canada, and Australia for now. Interested folks will have to source for freight forwarders that ship to Singapore. For more information, visit Parade’s official website

All images courtesy of Parade’s official website

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