Coca Cola Mahjong Set

Many Singaporeans look forward to Chinese New Year for various reasons. Whether it is to catch up with relatives, indulge in CNY treats, or participate in endless rounds of mahjong with their kakis, the festive spirit is undeniable. To impress your players with a new mahjong set, check out this one by Coca Cola Taiwan. 

The mahjong set


Chances are, mahjong set collectors will be fizz-ibly amazed by this mahjong set for its chic design and functionality. It pays tribute to the beverage’s signature red and white colours, and comes with a wooden box, featuring silverware locks and a leather handle for easy carrying.

The mahjong set also includes three playing dice and four rulers

If you think that the wooden box is only designed to store the mahjong tiles and game accessories, think again. 

It actually transforms into a mahjong table with legs when unfolded and laid flat, allowing you and your kakis to play mahjong at whichever house you’re visiting to bai nian

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Unlike standard mahjong tiles, these ones feature bamboo tiles with motifs of a Coca Cola bottle. You will also spot other unique tile designs, such as the ones with a Coca Cola bottle cap. 

Furthermore, each mahjong tile comes with a red base, complemented by a white Coca Cola logo. 

Coca Cola Mahjong SetSource

Since many of us can relate to having that one friend who pairs Coca Cola with every meal, you might also want to consider making this Coca Cola mahjong set a surprise New Year’s gift. 

This Mahjong Set By Coca Cola Taiwan Lets You Enjoy A Refreshing Game 

As much as we’d love to have this mahjong set in our hands, it is currently only available in Taiwan. Interested folks travelling to Taiwan can redeem the mahjong set through points when they purchase Coca Cola products from now till 31 March 2024. More information can be found on Coca Cola Taiwan’s official website

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