ColourPop x Harry Potter Collection

For many of us, Harry Potter has become something of a household name. However, don’t fret if you still haven’t gotten your acceptance letter from Hogwarts – you can still practice magic with the new ColourPop x Harry Potter makeup collection. Read on to find out more about the magic this collection holds. 

Eyeshadow palette

harry potter colourpop eyeshadow palette

Open your textbooks, makeup class is starting. This eyeshadow palette has 24 various shades that are inspired by the characters and Hogwarts Houses from the series. If you peek closer, you’ll notice that the names of the shades are actual elements from the Wizarding World lore, such as “Butterbeer” and “Whomping Willow”. 

The best part is that the cover of this palette is designed to look like a spellbook. Now, you can pretend to be a part of Snape’s Potions class.

The Back To Hogwarts eyeshadow palette is retailing at $43.77.


To finish off that eye makeup with a bang, try on these eyeliners as well. 

harry potter colourpop eyeliner set

These liquid eyeliners will help you perfect that sharp wing for that girl boss look. You can choose between four eyeliners, with varying names of “cup”, “diadem”, “sword”, and “locket” — the four different items for each Hogwarts house founder.  

Additionally, each house colour corresponds to the eyeliner as well. If you’re someone who wants a bold statement, use the Gryffindor red eyeliner to draw out that inner beast.  

The eyeliner retails at $14.59 each.


harry potter colourpop hedwig highlighter 

This gorgeous highlighter shade is named after Hedwig – Harry’s loyal pet owl over his school years. Its shade consists of a purple and blue sheen, and is personally one of my faves

The cover of the highlighter has the name “Hedwig” emblazoned in iridescent rainbow colours, complete with little designs of mail with a “H” on it, paying tribute to Hedwig as Harry’s personal mail service.  

harry potter colourpop dobby highlighter

Dobby the house elf is another character that will forever be ingrained in our memories. This shade has a more neutral, and nude tone, perfect if you prefer to go au naturel for the day.

harry potter colourpop buckbeak highlighter

The Buckbeak highlighter has a more metallic but still neutral shade. Apply it for a romantic night out or that lit party on the weekends.

The highlighters retail at $17.51 each.


harry potter colourpop lipbalm setThis lippie set is named “The Great Hall”

Now that masks are optional, you can show off these new lippies. The colours range from warm tones of yellow and red to cooler green and blue – the four House colours. They are named “patience”, “courage”, “pride” and “wit” respectively, inspired by the different House virtues too. 

harry potter colourpop lux lip set
Inspired by the fan-favourite famous trio, Harry, Ron and Hermione, these liquid lipsticks come in varying shades of orange and red. The packaging features motifs such as a chocolate frog and a lighting bolt to reference the characters, so you can consider these lippies for a distinctly unique look. Finish your lips with the gloss inspired by Luna Lovegood, to give it that shimmery look. 

Each lippie retails at $14.59 while the full sets cost $58.59. 

Additional sets

harry potter colourpop red and green set

harry potter colourpop yellow and blue set

If you can’t decide between one or the other, get these House-inspired eye and lip sets, complete with eyeliner and a lip balm.

These retail at $29.18 per set.

harry potter colourpop harry potter luna lovegood lux lip set
The combination of Luna Lovegood and Harry Potter was an underrated duo we wish we saw more of in the books and movies. Get the red Harry Potter lippie and Luna Lovegood glossy finish to complement your overall makeup look. 

harry potter colourpop ron and hermione lux lip set

Romione shippers, assemble. These lip shades will definitely give you that lit look for a sunny day out. 

These sets retail at $29.18 each.

This Harry Potter x ColourPop Makeup Collection Lets You Pick Up Your Magic Beauty Wand

If you’re missing the Harry Potter series, you can pick up this new collection to satisfy your inner Potterhead – you won’t need the Amortentia portion to fall in love with these.

The full collection that has every single item retails at $272.45 while the full collection with a collector’s edition press card retails at $278.31. You can purchase the products on ColourPop’s website, which allows direct shipping to Singapore. 

Meanwhile, you can check out these new Harry Potter themed bags and pouches for more of the Wizarding World.

All images courtesy of ColorPop.

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