Common Fashion Mistakes That Cause Sweat

The unpredictable weather in Singapore is not something most of us are fond of – it could be sweater weather one moment and dry spells for the next few weeks. But whether rain or shine, the consistent humidity causes us to sweat easily, ruining our perfectly done makeup and even leaving sweat stains on our OOTDs. 

To help you be better armed against sweat issues, here are 5 common fashion mistakes made by Singaporean girls that you would want to take note of for ease of mind on your next jaunt outdoors.  

1. Wearing shirts in lighter hues that highlight armpit stains

Common Fashion Mistakes That Cause SweatA grey or white top tend to make armpit sweat stains more visible

It is only human nature to sweat under hot weather when we head outdoors. Despite seeking respite in air-conditioning as much as we can, chances are that your perspiration would have already seeped into your clothes before they could even dry off. This would result in embarrassing sweat prints or a mild odour, especially around your underarm area.

To prevent such incidents from happening, switch out your tops in lighter hues for those in darker shades, or wear moisture-wicking lingerie if you know you’ll be spending excessive hours under the sun. This way, the sweat prints would be less noticeable and you’d avoid feeling awkward or insecure. 

2. Choosing stuffy bras that collect boob sweat

Common Fashion Mistakes That Cause Sweat

ICYMI: boob sweat is a thing that many girls have to deal with. While undergarments like pushup bras provide you with that extra oomph, it is only a matter of time before you find them uncomfortable and collect icky sweat around your chest region.  

For starters, it is recommended to switch out stuffy bras for those that are breathable but also don’t compromise on support. Bras with built-in pads and cooling, lightweight fabric stay in place, so you can get through your day with comfort and firm support. Enduring fabrics that stand the test of the washing machine over time will also ensure that your lingerie’s pads last for the long run.

3. Using deodorant instead of antiperspirant

Deodorant and antiperspirant are two different products that you shouldn’t mix up. The former helps to mask out unpleasant body odour while the latter helps reduce sweat.

For those who find that their sweat glands are more active, investing in an antiperspirant would definitely be more helpful in keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the day.

Pro tip: You should also avoid spraying it directly at your clothes as that can cause stains. Instead, spray it on your body in a circular motion before dressing up so your skin can properly absorb its benefits. 

4. Not purchasing clothes or undergarments made with breathable fabric

Before heading to the cashier with that piece of crop top on your next shopping spree, you might want to find out what material it is made of. Clothes and undergarments should have seamless, cooling fabric to complement your daily routines and ensure minimal sweat, stains and annoyance.

5. Wearing tight-fitting clothes

Tight-fitting clothes are great for showing off the curves of your body. Yet, on the downside, they are not the best choice when it comes to letting your skin breathe. Having little air circulation would cause your body temperature to rise – especially outdoors – making you sweat to cool down. 

As such, wearing well-fitting outfits and lingerie are recommended instead since there would be less interaction between your skin and your clothes. Similarly, you can also look out for tops that offer more airflow and flexibility, and comfortable lingerie that provides a natural shape that flatters your silhouette. After all, the last thing we’d want to have to deal with in public are fidgeting with our attire and wardrobe malfunctions.

Her own words’ Invisible Extra Skin™ Bra Top Is Perfect For Everyday Wear In Singapore

Living in Singapore, the need for comfortable and better-fitting clothes is real because of Singapore’s incessant humid weather that causes frequent sweating. 

However, finding the perfect bra in Singapore is harder than expected as you need to weigh in many factors like the material, comfort level and support. But as long as you cross all of them out on your concern checklist, you’d be good to go. 

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Common Fashion Mistakes That Cause SweatImage courtesy of Her own words

To avoid awkward moments in professional settings like your bra shape showing under your top, its seamless form will help prevent obvious visibility  ‒ a thoughtful feature of the collection that will no doubt be appreciated by many. 

Common Fashion Mistakes That Cause SweatImage courtesy of Her own words

As the bra also has a bonding technology along the neckline and underband, it does not curl up and stay attached to your skin all day – so you don’t get a random, sudden need to adjust when you’re out and about.

Plus, you’re also spoilt for choice since the inclusive collection includes 5 colours and 4 different sizes. 

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