Converse Sakura Chuck 70 Sneakers

Just in time for sakura season, Converse has released a new iteration of one of its signature silhouettes. Now available on the Converse US online store, the Converse Sakura Chuck 70 sneakers are available in 2 different designs: Cherry Blossom and White. 

The sneaker design

converse-sakura-sneakers (2)The Sakura Chuck 70s come in a high-top style, a familiar favourite among sneakerheads. A sheer fabric is used to create a texture that is reminiscent of a soft pleat.

Bright fuschia on the outsole gives the shoe a pop of colour, while leather sections provide a cool contrast against the sheer fabric.

As always, the high tongue and Chuck Taylor ankle patch contribute to the iconic Converse look.

converse-sakura-sneakers (3)

What’s new in this edition of the Chuck 70s is the fusion of printed and 3D cherry blossoms. Protected underneath the organza fabric, these cherry blossoms come together to mimic the effect of falling petals.

Another thing to note is the translucent rubber material revealing the sakura details. It goes all the way down to the midsole, a trendy way to play up the classic sneaker.

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The Chuck 70

converse-sakura-sneakers (4)

It is no surprise that Converse has released another high-cut shoe in lieu of the spring season, given its continued success with the Chuck 70 collection. 

A twist on the Chuck Taylor, Chuck 70s are a nod to the model’s history as a popular American basketball shoe in the 1970s. Converse sneakers have since been redefined by users for different purposes, making them suitable for almost any outfit and occasion today. 

Converse Sakura Chuck 70 Sneakers Let You Walk On A Flowery Path

These Converse Sakura sneakers will almost make you feel like you’re enjoying sakura season in Japan. There is no word yet on whether the shoes will be available in Singapore.

In the meantime, if you have friends who will be in the US, you can ask them to help you get them from the Converse online store. The shoes are priced at US$95 each.

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All images: Converse