Having Sex In Crazy Places

To keep the sexual chemistry going in a relationship, we’re often given the advice to ‘spice things up’.

For some, it could mean trying new things in the bedroom but for the more daring and adventurous, it’s taking sex outside.

From underground MRT tracks to a Starbucks toilet, these 8 Singaporean Millennials come clean with the craziest, most inappropriate places they’ve had sex.

*Names were changed to protect identities

1. On a roller coaster ride

My girlfriend and I love roller coaster rides and we’d go to USS on our anniversary. While on the rollercoaster ride—‘the Mummy’—we noticed the lights were really dim.

Wanting to make it ‘a ride to remember’, I slid my hands into her shorts as the ride began and started fingering her.

As the roller coaster reached its climax, so did she. Thankfully, her moans were drowned out by everyone else’s screams. Hands down, the best attraction at USS.
Harry, 26

2. At Southwest Tavern, a spicy chicken wings restaurant

I was on a Tinder date at Southwest Tavern, the restaurant which served the spiciest chicken wings in Singapore.

The date was going well and we had been flirting and playing footsie under the table the whole night. At the end of the meal, we thought it’d be a good idea to have a shag before we leave.

We headed into the male toilet and ‘got down to business’. To ‘finish’ him off, I decided to give him a blow job.

His initial moans turned into screams as he yelled that his dick was burning. Turns out, I still had chilli wedged in the back of my mouth. Thankfully, he called me back after, so all’s good.
Jackie, 22

3. Along an underground MRT track

The guy I was seeing was a uniformed officer. He told me there were secret tracks underneath the MRT stations he and his buddies would chill at when on patrol.

One time when we were out shopping along Orchard Road, we started feeling particularly ‘adventurous’ so he suggested ‘checking out’ these tracks.

We climbed down the staircase which led to the dank and dusty space and made love while I leaned against the wall, listening for footsteps the entire time.

Though the chances of someone discovering us were low, knowing we went at in a public place got my blood racing.
Hannah, 23

4. At the Civilian War Memorial

I was seeing this girl in Poly who was way out of my league. One day while strolling around town, she suggested going to see the nearby Civilian War Memorial.

Walking around the monument, I noticed it was quiet and pulled her to a corner. We started to make out and I fingered her for a bit.

Once satisfied, she straightened out her clothes and we pretended as if nothing happened. We continued seeing each other for awhile and had sex a couple of times in my car.

Though things didn’t work out, we remain good friends to this day.
Timo, 20

5. In a courtroom booth

In my second year of law school, I interned at a law firm. To gain a better understanding of courtroom procedures, my supervisor had me sit in one of the hearings.

The defense attorney was an extremely attractive lady, maybe a couple of years older. When she wasn’t presenting her case, we were exchanging flirtatious glances.

After the proceedings, I stayed back till the courtroom had cleared. Taking my chances, I pulled her in and kissed her.

Things heated up quickly and we sneaked into one of the booths for a ‘cardio workout’. And that’s the story of how I went against the law.
Jack, 27

6. On a hospital bed

My girlfriend was admitted to the hospital after feeling a sharp pain in her stomach. The nurses gave her a shot and admitted her into a B class ward.

Once the nurses left, it was just us and two other patients on the adjacent beds. After the initial pain wore off, my girlfriend whispered she was getting really turned on and insisted on having a quickie.

I’d never had sex in a hospital before so I thought it’d be a ‘fun memory’. Quietly, we drew the curtains and ‘did the deed’ on the hospital bed.

Throughout her week’s stay at the hospital, we’d always have a ‘go’ right after her jabs. Turns out, the medicine had an unintended side-effect as a sex stimulant.
George, 29

7. On a piano bench in the choir room

Back in JC, I was dating the choir president. As our parents were the conservative type, we could never hang out at each other’s places. Instead, we’d meet up in the choir room after school to ‘chill’.

During one rendezvous, we were nearly caught by the school’s security guard. He had heard loud piano sounds coming from the seemingly empty room and tried to investigate.

Luckily, most of our clothes were on and we manage to cover ourselves up before he came round the corner. Putting on a straight face, we murmured a hurried explanation about how we were tuning the piano.

Judging from the security guard’s disbelieving face, I don’t think he bought it.
Yasmine, 22

8. At a Starbucks outlet

Back in my second year of JC, the Starbucks near my house was my go-to place to study. For the year I frequented the shop, I struck up a friendship of sorts with the cute barista.

The day after my A levels, I went down and told him I was done with my exams and wouldn’t be hanging out at Starbucks anymore.

He made me my usual drink and wrote on the cardboard holder, “Meet me in the upstairs bathroom in 15 minutes”.

We sneaked into the toilet when the other customers weren’t looking and he went down on me. I returned the favour and we left as quickly as we ‘came’.
Rachel, 22

Sex In Public Places

Sex in unconventional places is certainly exciting for those who are tired of the same routine in the bedroom, but we recognise that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Wherever you choose to do it, always make sure you wrap it before you tap it.

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