Curaprox CS 5460 Toothbrush Bundle

Let’s admit it — though it’s only been three months since the start of 2024, many of us have already cast aside our new year’s resolutions. I mean, planning to cut out all junk food and exercise for an hour every day was probably too ambitious. 

This doesn’t mean that we should start neglecting our health though. FYI, total health starts from the mouth. For a quick and easy way to refresh yourself, consider brushing up on your oral health — pun intended. 

To celebrate World Oral Health Day, Curaprox — a Swiss premium oral care brand — will be offering their fresh breath kit at 25% off. The kit includes their CS 5460 toothbrush as well as CTC tongue cleaner, to brighten your smile and reduce bad breath. Read on to find out more about their unique products.

CS 5460 toothbrush

CS 5460 toothbrush

The first thing to know about Curaprox’s toothbrushes is that they are designed to make mornings fun. Choose from toothbrushes in 36 different colour combinations to add a pop of colour to your routines. While toothbrushes in the Fresh Breath Kit cannot be customised, toothbrushes that are purchased individually can. 

Take this chance to customise your toothbrush to resemble your favourite cartoon characters. For a Sully-inspired toothbrush for example, you can match a blue handle to a pink brush head — the possibilities are endless.

CS 5460 Toothbrush

Besides looking aesthetic, the CS 5460 is also great at what it does — brushing teeth. While an average toothbrush has about 2,500 bristles according to National Dental Care, the CS 5460 has more than double of that, at 5,460. 

What’s more, Curaprox’s brush heads are made from their patented Curen filaments, which are meant to be softer and gentler on your gums. So, if you find that your gums have been hurting, it may be time to try this one out instead. 

brushing teeth

That’s not all. According to Curaprox, their toothbrushes should be held like a pen, at a 45-degree angle to optimise teeth cleaning and plaque reduction. Who knew that physics would come into play for oral hygiene? For an optimised grip and to make brushing easier,  Curaprox toothbrushes have a unique octagonal handle.

CTC tongue cleaner

CTC Tongue Cleaner

As mentioned previously, Curaprox’s fresh breath kit also comes with a tongue cleaner. You can choose one with a single blade or double blades. 

FYI, bad breath can be caused by bacteria coating your tongue. If you’ve been struggling with keeping your mouth fresh — no matter how much mouthwash you gargle — then using a tongue cleaner may be just the thing you need. 

Tongue Cleaner
Since Curaprox’s CTC tongue cleaner has an anatomically correct shape, you don’t have to worry about gagging or feeling nauseous when using it.

Celebrate World Oral Health Month With Curaprox’s Special Bundle

Curaprox Toothbrush

Oral health is something that we should never skimp on. From now till 30 April 2024, Curaprox’s fresh breath kit will be on sale at $11.20, around 25% less than its usual price of $15. The bundle is available for purchase on Curaprox’s official website.

For more information about Curaprox’s range of oral care products, visit their Instagram page.

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Photography by Shawn Low.
This post was sponsored by Curaprox.