Test Your Sex Knowledge With Durex

Growing up, conversations surrounding sex were considered a big taboo. Sex education in school was only focused on abstinence, rather than important topics such as protection and consent, which results in valuable information getting lost in translation.

But now, as society has started to shift away from our initial conservative nature, there is increasingly more information about sex online, dismantling the taboo. And no, learning about sex doesn’t equate to pornography, and it shouldn’t be treated as such. Well, Durex, a household name in safe sex and pleasurable moments, is here to test your sex knowledge with a fun comic series to teach users about sex. 

The best part? You can test your newfound sex knowledge afterwards by taking an online quiz, and stand a chance to win free Watsons vouchers.

The website

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Durex’s latest campaign is run by their education arm, Durex Academy. Hosted on a microsite, the campaign features four comic issues: Get S*x-Ready, Have Fun, Not Regrets, The Art of Love and Switch It On. For those who enjoy reading steamy manga or webtoons in your free time, perhaps it’s time to add these comics to your reading list too. 

Some important topics covered include investigating whether sex with a condom is less pleasurable or that it helps men last longer, why one shouldn’t be embarrassed when shopping for condoms, and the importance of talking about consent and pleasure with your partner. 

No spoilers here — we’ll let you read the comics on your own to find out more.

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While there are four different storylines in total, all of them centre around the importance of sparking conversations about sex. To quote Durex, “there’s nothing hotter than safe and pleasurable sex”. 

After reading the comics, users can also complete the Quiz of Play on the same website and test their sex knowledge. 

Free Watsons vouchers


Not to worry — the Quiz of Play isn’t as intimidating as an exam paper. If you’ve read through all the comics before attempting, getting all the answers right will be as easy as pie. 

Each question comes with multiple-choice options, as well as a short explanation of why the answer you chose is right or wrong.


Once you’ve finished the quiz, you’ll be awarded with a Certificate of Completion which you can brag about on your socials to deem yourself as a “sex expert”. Plus, you’ll receive exclusive Durex voucher codes to use on Watsons Online. These vouchers include 10% off a minimum spend of $35 on Durex purchases in a single transaction, valid until 31 July 2024. 

With the option to purchase condoms online, this is a perfect alternative for users who may feel uncomfortable buying condoms at a store, or those living with conservative family and friends.

Learn More About How Pleasure Comes With Protection Through Durex’s Comic Series

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Who says sex education has to be boring? Through Durex’s new comic series, not only will you be able to learn more about sexual pleasure and protection through different stories, but you’ll also be rewarded with free Watsons vouchers so you can embark on your own safe sex journey. It’s a win-win situation. 

As we start opening more open and honest conversations about sex, we’ll soon be able to change conservative mindsets and normalise such topics in Singapore. Learning about sex doesn’t always have to be intimidating or awkward. Instead, having resources that preach healthy and safe sex should always be readily available for everyone. 

Learn about sex in a fun, educational and convenient way with Durex’s The Art of Play #cometogether campaign on their website, no matter where you are. 

Read Durex’s comic series and get exclusive Watsons vouchers here!

This post was brought to you by Durex.