Switching To Daily Contact Lens

Whether it’s going out on a jog or spending the whole day at the office, putting on a pair of contact lenses has usually been a convenient way to get through my day. Unlike wearing glasses, it doesn’t fog up your vision while you’re wearing a mask and allows you to view the world more naturally.

“Don’t rub your eyes” is a common phrase to hear for most contact lens users. Despite these warnings and reading about contact lens horror stories online, I thought nothing much about it. I simply rubbed at my eyes whenever they felt uncomfortable. As someone who wore monthly contact lenses for years and never experienced any bad consequences, I always assumed it was fine.

Experiences with monthly contact lens

Getting a corneal ulcer in my right eye (left), wearing spectacles more often now (right)

However, my worst nightmare came when I was sent to the A&E after my contact lens had scratched my eye, resulting in a corneal ulcer. Well, I did have myself partially to blame. I had worn my contact lenses for more than a month thinking that it was alright, and roughly rubbed at my eyes when it felt dry and uncomfortable.

It took months of painful medication and trips to the hospital before my eye was fully healed again. The doctor even told me that I was lucky to have sought treatment immediately, as the corneal ulcer could have resulted in blindness. 

Reeling from that traumatic experience, I decided it was time to start considering dailies to improve my eye health and provide greater comfort so I would nick my bad habit of subconsciously rubbing my eyes.

I’ve also found myself using spectacles more often on days where I spend long hours outside, afraid of getting an infection again. However, this isn’t ideal when I have work shoots or when I’m out for celebrations in the evenings, constantly feeling as if my glasses are in the way.


When I was recommended to try switching my contact lens from monthly to dailies, the first thought that crossed my mind was “what difference would it make?” After all, contact lenses all seemed the same to me. I went on to try out different types of daily lenses but couldn’t find one that would suit me best, eventually deciding that I was probably destined to not be compatible with contact lenses.

It was then I was told that the Alcon PRECISION1 lenses would be more suitable for me as they offer long-lasting vision and comfort— something the previous contact lenses I’ve tried couldn’t provide. Thus, I was excited to put these daily contact lenses to the test to see if they could reduce dryness and redness, hoping to experience significant benefits.

First impressions

Upon receiving the Alcon PRECISION1 lenses for the first time, the packaging came in a row of plastic blisters just like any typical contact lens. The most obvious difference for me was the fact that these lenses were thinner and lighter than my usual monthly lens. It was also very easy to take the lens out of their blisters— no need for force to fish it out from the solution.

Putting the contact lenses into my eyes was completely fuss-free, as I managed to slip the lenses in on the first try. I was surprised at how light it immediately felt, almost as if I wasn’t wearing anything at all. 

No matter if I’m in the office or working from home, spending 9am to 6pm in front of the computer screen is something that I do on a daily basis. Though I was initially worried that my eyes would feel uncomfortable after these long hours, the lens stayed comfortable from the first hour to the last. I didn’t have to use eye drops either — something I did every few hours when I was using monthly contact lenses.

Going through long days with the lens

When it comes to dolling up and going out, I use a variety of makeup products such as eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara. I tend to avoid wearing contacts with makeup because rubbing my eyes and smudging the makeup products is an absolute no-no. 

Though I was a bit skeptical at first, the daily lens pleasantly surprised me once again. I experienced no blurriness and discomfort at all, which used to affect me a lot when I wore my monthly lenses. I went on to have an enjoyable brunch and shopping session with my friends without once feeling the need to rub my eyes.

Final thoughts

daily contact lens

After switching out my monthly lenses to Alcon PRECISION1 daily lenses, I’ve been enjoying wearing contact lenses more often than before. Since I experience long days due to my busy work and social life, I needed a lens that could last through the whole day without bursting my budget. Alcon PRECISION1 daily lens proved to be the best in this criteria, as well as providing the longest lasting comfort, as compared to the other lenses I’ve tried. 

Through all my doubts, especially since the trauma of getting a corneal ulcer, I’ve since stopped feeling frustrated about not being able to find the right lenses for me. I love the convenience of daily lenses now. There’s no need to clean my lenses every night or take note of the expiry date, since I can simply throw them away after a long day. Something I also often neglected was the importance of changing my contact lens cases which was tiresome to take note of. But with dailies, there’s no need for that anymore. 

Daily lenses feel much more sanitary too. I’m glad to finally say goodbye to clunky spectacles and uncomfortable monthly lenses that used to slow me down from being productive.

Switching My Contact Lens From Monthlies To Dailies

If you’re someone like me who has had a long term battle with finding the right lenses to alleviate discomfort, it’s time to open your eyes — both literally and figuratively — to daily lenses instead. While I had initially thought it would be troublesome to make the switch, Alcon PRECISION1 daily lenses proved to be worth the effort.

daily contact lens

Dry eyes and discomfort begone, as Alcon PRECISION1 lens easily tackles this problem with its SMARTSURFACE Technology. This fancy term isn’t just for show, as this is what contributes to the microthin, high-performance layer of moisture on the lens surface. The lenses are made up of more than 80% water, so your eyes can enjoy longer-lasting comfort.

daily contact lens

It doesn’t matter if you’re less experienced with using contact lenses. Alcon PRECISION1 lenses are easy to use, even for beginners trying out for the first time. Simply lift up your eyelids to provide more space for the lens to pop on, allowing you to start your day with perfect eyesight within just a few minutes.

daily contact lens

Whether it’s spending the whole day on your work computer or hanging out with bae on the weekends playing video games like Animal Crossing, Alcon PRECISION1 lenses can provide the essential comfort to ensure precise vision. 

If you love working hard and learning new things online, these lenses can also accompany you through your busy days of self-improvement.

daily contact lens

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while working from home remains important, but the feeling of your spectacles threatening to slip off your face after a sweaty workout session can get annoying. After all, how can you focus on your workout video if you can’t see it clearly? 

Putting on Alcon PRECISION1 lenses can make any lifestyle activity more convenient, from online yoga sessions to morning hikes, without hindering your movements.

daily contact lens

If you’re unhappy with the way your current monthly lenses cause poor vision, discomfort and you’re still struggling to get them in your eyes, make the switch to Alcon PRECISION1 lenses to see the difference ASAP. Head over to the Alcon PRECISION1 website to find out more information about these lenses.

With positive changes that made my busy and bustling lifestyle more convenient, I’m excited to finally start wearing daily contact lenses more often in the future.

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Photography by Natalie Ng.