Dating & Self-Care Survey In Singapore

From dating deal breakers to relationship milestones timelines, we’ve got a rough idea of what Singaporeans think when it comes to love and relationships. Now, Circles.Life and YouGov have joined hands to learn more about Singaporeans’ sentiments on dating and self-care, by conducting a survey with over 1,000 respondents. 

If you’re curious to see if there’s a difference in responses based on demographics like age and sex, continue reading to find out more. 

Finding a life partner or soul mate

Let’s face it ‒ not everyone likes being alone and sometimes, we all need a lil’ love. Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, it is harder for many Singaporeans to meet new people outside their social circle. Whether it is through dating apps or a friend’s friend, either method doesn’t seem to be a walk in the park.

Despite the challenges of dating, the survey revealed that Gen Zs (42%) prioritise finding their significant other over Millennials (38%). It also showed that males (39%) are more likely to prioritise finding their other half compared to females (23%). Cues Destiny’s Child “Independent Women, Pt. 1”.      

Having a good mental well-being

Dating & Self-Care Survey In Singapore

Times have indeed changed, as having good mental health is the top priority of Singaporeans of all ages. Compared to two years before the pandemic, about 2 out of 3 Singaporeans value mental well-being more today. The results align with global reports, which confirmed that the pandemic has changed the mindset and views on mental health. 

Additionally, the survey also revealed that 74% of Baby Boomers, aged 58 to 76, have ranked mental health even more highly as their top priority. 

Spending time with friends and loved ones

Dating & Self-Care Survey In Singapore

No one can say for sure what’s going to happen in the future, and we all want to live our lives with no regrets. Be it with family or friends, Singaporeans from four generations ‒ Gen Zs to Baby Boomers ‒ prioritise spending time with those who matter the most after having good mental health being. 71% of the respondents who chose this priority are females and 60% are males. 

Focusing on reaching full potential through continuous learning

With the need to upgrade our skills to stay relevant in our ever-changing society, 39% of Gen Zs and 25% of the Baby Boomers indicated priority on the need for continuous learning. The results are rather interesting as they are pretty much the start and end of the age groups. 

What’s more, a priority on lifelong learning suggests that Singaporeans are constantly looking to improve, and they care about themselves too. 

This Survey Suggests That Younger Singaporeans Have A Shift In Mindset When It Comes To Dating & Self-Care

It is not surprising to see that priorities have changed among Singaporeans over the years, especially since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2019. Plus, it is great to see that more people are aware of the importance of mental health, and are taking more time for themselves. 

The research was conducted with the intention of discovering Singaporeans sentiments on lifestyle changes, which resulted in the findings of a new set of 5 “C”s: Compassionate, Carefree, Connected, Courageous and Creative. A positive and much less superficial take, if you ask us.

If you’d like to participate in a survey to find out what are your own priorities in life, check out an adapted quiz at Circles.Life’s website.

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