Din Tai Fung Wedding Shoot

ICYMI, couples in Singapore have been moving away from wedding shoots at more conventional locations like the National Museum and Gardens By The Bay. Instead, they favour places which they hold closer to their hearts.

Choosing to follow this notsotraditional route, Singaporean couple, LHK and CYC held their wedding shoot at Din Tai Fung, to show how they’re crazy a-bao each other.

Why Din Tai Fung

For LHK and CYC, their love for Din Tai Fung goes beyond just its delicious menu. When they first started dating, YC never really understood HK’s love for Din Tai Fung and its egg fried rice, thinking that it was “so expensive.” 

However, as the saying goes, happy wife — or in this case girlfriend — happy life. After countless date nights at the restaurant, Din Tai Fung crept its way into YC’s heart. Gradually, it became a source of comfort for both him and HK. To commemorate the restaurant’s significance to them, they decided to hold their wedding shoot at one of its outlets.

The Wedding Shoot

Getting approval for their shoot was easier than expected. HK shared with us that she “just dropped them an email and they were so helpful with arranging everything for the shoot.” Overall, the shoot went smoothly and was “super chill”, taking place only an hour before the restaurant opened for business. The couple credits this to the staff at Din Tai Fung as well as their photographer @teririum.

HK and YC requested for their favourite dishes to be featured in their photos. Not letting the smallest details slide, the staff at Din Tai Fung even steamed the xiao long baos fresh so that its steam could be captured during the couple’s shoot.

The couple also received a welcomed surprise when Din Tai Fung gave them a bouquet — with roses, baby’s breath and limited edition dumpling plushies from the restaurant’s 20th anniversary — to congratulate them on their union.

Having Your Wedding Shoot At Your Favourite Restaurant Will Be A Fun And Unique Way To Celebrate Your Love

This couple yet again proves that options are endless when it comes to choosing a spot for your wedding shoot. If you’re still undecided, try getting some inspiration from these other couples who had their wedding photoshoot at Fairprice and Mcdonald’s.

All images courtesy of teririum.

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