Supermarket Wedding Photoshoot

Recently, couples have been going all out for their weddings, from a Haidilao-themed wedding to splurging $55,000 on their special day. However, I have always wondered about their wedding photoshoots as well. What makes for a good wedding photoshoot location?

It’s no secret that photoshoots are still one of the main highlights of a wedding. For one Singaporean couple, they chose a unique location instead of a conventional spot to capture their moments in a quirky way. 

Lemon8 user @cherrybelly and her now-husband decided to take a trip down memory lane by having their wedding shoot at Fairprice – yes, none other than our well-known local supermarket. Not only did they get to walk down the aisle twice, their photoshoot is also extra swoon-worthy. 

The photoshoot


Besides walking down the traditional aisle, @cherrybelly and her husband had another brilliant idea: to walk down a different kind of aisle — this time in a supermarket.

The couple wanted something special for their morning wedding portrait session, so they decided to choose a place that held a lot of memories. They wanted to create “fun and quirky moments to cherish in the future.”

The pair spent a lot of time together at the supermarket while they were dating. Choosing the supermarket as the venue for their wedding shoot felt like a natural decision. NGL, that’s probably what makes them a true item.


The first thing that they did was to write in to the supermarkets in SG. The pair wrote to two supermarkets but got a response from Fairprice first. 

As if mimicking actual grocery runs, the couple was given an hour to shoot and plus, they received a free gift bag which contained moscato and Ferro Rocher when they arrived. “BRB, going to be a Fairprice girlie forever,” @cherrybelly shared in her post. 

She also gave tips on making the wedding shoot smooth-sailing. @cherrybelly advised that by doing a simple pre-shoot recce with the photographer and videographer, it will help them to easily visualise the shots that they can take on the day itself. 

She also mentioned that her photographer, @theperfectstatement, and her videographer, @freyafilms, were stars for being all-in for their “weird request”. Additionally, she emphasised that the teamwork between the photographer and videographer is important as well. 

FYI, the photographer was pregnant at the time — we stan. 


Another reason why their shoot went so well was that the couple assigned roles to the bridal party, from finding the fastest route to the supermarket to grabbing props and returning them to their original places. As they say, teamwork makes the dream work.

“They even tried to redirect traffic to ensure our shots remained clean. It was definitely a team effort,” she revealed.

This Singaporean Couple Had A Supermarket Wedding Photoshoot As A Sweet Memory 

TBH, until @cherrybelly shared her story, I didn’t even know that our supermarkets were available for wedding shoots. I’m taking this down for my own future reference FR FR.

Perhaps her story will inspire you to have a supermarket wedding photoshoot of your own one day. Whether it’s for a fun activity or to create lasting memories, it makes for a good thyme with bae.

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