FairPrice X Mickey Mouse Collection

7-Eleven Taiwan announced a Mickey and Minnie kitchenware set not too long ago, serving us with some Disney magic that seemed just out of reach. Well, there’s no need to fret: a soon-to-be-released Mickey foodware collection and backpack from FairPrice is just the thing to jazz up your homes with a touch of Mickey charm. 

The collection includes pots, food jars, an insulated bottle, cutlery and even a Japanese style backpack all spiffed up to fit the Mickey theme. The set pays homage to the Steamboat Willie era of Mickey Mouse with a classic black and white colour palette spruced up with prints of the iconic character. 

Ceramic Cooking Pots 

Fairprice Mickey Ceramic Pot1.3L Ceramic Cooking Sauce Pot 

In a monochrome colourway, this set comes with 2 ceramic cooking pots to suit all your cooking needs. Both pots come with Mickey mouse ears that double as the lid handle and a black and white Mickey motif printed on the front — a simultaneously classic and off-beat design rolled into one. 

The 1.3L Ceramic Cooking Sauce Pot (worth $79) is available for 8 Bonus Points + $38.90 or 4 Bonus Points + $48.90.

Fairprice Mickey Cooking Pot1.5L Ceramic Cooking Pot

To whip up larger, comforting meals for rainy days, the larger 1.5L Cooking Pot will come in handy. It is worth $109, and available for 8 Bonus Points +$44.90 or 4 Bonus Points +$59.90 

Thermal Food Jar 

Fairprice Mickey Thermal Food Jar

Ever wish you could carry mom’s cooking out in style? The Mickey black and white thermal food jar should do the trick. The insulated jar is purposed so you can pack meals out that’ll stay warm throughout the day and even comes with a ‘Mickey’ label on the side. 

The 500ML Thermal Stainless Steel Food Jar (worth $89) is available for 8 Bonus Points + $24.90 or 4 Bonus Points + $34.90

Insulated Bottle 

Fairprice Mickey Insulated Bottle

This insulated bottle comes with the iconic Mickey logo printed all-over along with Mickey’s face on the back of the bottle. The bottle can be used to carry any drink of your choice including your morning brew, keeping your coffee warm and toasty for hours on end. 

The 500ML Thermal Stainless Steel Bottle (worth $35) is available for 8 Bonus Points + $11.90 or 4 Bonus Points + $16.90.

Cutlery And Dinnerware Set 

Fairprice Mickey Cutlery Set

For those of you who’ve been on the hunt for cutlery similar to the one’s in K-dramas, the collection also comes with a 4-piece cutlery set resembling Korean style cutlery. Each piece is embellished with a Mickey logo and is a fitting accompaniment to any meal of the day.   

The 4-piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Set (worth $39) is available for 8 Bonus Points + $14.90 or 4 Bonus Points + $20.90.

Fairprice Mickey Dinnerware Set

There’s also a dinnerware set with plates, a bowl and a mug. The 4-piece Ceramic Dinnerware Set ($109) is available for 8 Bonus Points + $44.90 or 4 Bonus Points + $54.90.

Japanese-Style Backpack 

Fairprice Mickey Backpack


Now for the crown jewel of the collection, a Japanese-style Mickey backpack. The bag is designed to look like Mickey’s quintessential red pants and could not be any more adorable. The bag definitely adds the right pop of colour to the collection and can be used as themed home decor or even a gift for your kid.

The Premium Japanese Style Light Weight Backpack (worth $159) is available for 8 Bonus Points + $59.90 or 4 Bonus Points + $69.90.

Apron With Gloves Set 

Chefs can dress up the part in a Mickey-themed apron and gloves too. Its waterproof feature will help you avoid stains, while the convenient pockets are a godsent to fit in cooking utensils.

The Apron with Gloves Set (worth $49) is available for 8 Bonus Points + $19.90 or 4 Bonus Points + $29.90.

FairPrice X Mickey Collection Will Add Some Disney Hurrah To Your Homes 

Fairprice Mickey collection

In the words of our beloved Mickey, “I’m all ears, say cheers for this special set that you can soon collect from your neighbourhood FairPrice store.

The items in this collection are available at all FairPrice outlets from 29 July 2021 to 17 November 2021 and can be claimed using a point system. Check out more about how the loyal programme works on NTUC FairPrice’s website. Hurry though – the collection is while stocks last!

Add some joy to your daily duties with the FairPrice X Mickey collection, especially now when we’re all bound to be spending a little bit more time nestled up at home and keeping safe from Covid. 

All images courtesy of The Good Folks. 

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