Disney Rainbow Collection 

June is coming soon, which means Pride Month 2021 is just around the corner. To celebrate the LGBTQ+ community this year, a new edition of the Disney rainbow collection has been unveiled. The collection will include apparel and accessories from beloved Disney franchises like Star Wars, Pixar and Marvel. 

Read on to find out more about this year’s Disney rainbow collection and the offerings available. For your viewing convenience, we’ve sorted them according to the different franchises.

Disney and Pixar 


Disney Rainbow Collection Pixar T-shirts


Easy-to-wear and stylish, these t-shirts will be a perfect choice to rep LGBTQ+ Pride this year. The collection features characters – even including the iconic lamp we all look forward to at the beginning of every Pixar movie. 

“Ohana Means Family” is an especially poignant quote from Lilo & Stitch to commemorate Pride Month with. As society becomes more inclusive, the idea of what makes a family is redefined too.

Disney Rainbow Collection Sweats


For those who love the athleisure chic look, this rainbow-clad matching set comprising a zip-up hoodie and jogger pants is for you.

Disney Rainbow Collection Pride T-shirts


Of course, no Disney collection will be complete without showcasing the brand’s mascot. Mickey joins in on the Pride Month celebrations with these 2 rainbow-hued t-shirts.


Disney Rainbow Collection Bags


Complete with rainbow straps, this mini backpack (left) and wristlet (right) are perfect pieces to add to your Pride-themed ensembles. 

Disney Rainbow Collection Pouch


If you’re seeking versatility, this belt bag can double-up as a crossbody bag, great for streetwear styles. Adorable and functional, what’s not to love about this pouch? 


As for the caps, you can draw the eyes of the crowd with the Mickey Mouse ear hat which will be apt for a day out at Disneyland. 

To really protect yourself from the pesky hot sun, opt for the baseball cap decked out with the colours of the Pride flag and a silhouette of Mickey.

Disney Rainbow Collection Face Masks


Pride Month celebrations might be more muted this year due to the pandemic. But, you can still keep it cheery amidst the restrictions with these Disney rainbow collection face masks. 

Pins and plushies 

Disney Rainbow Collection Mickey Plushies

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Many will relate to the struggle of dealing with a kid crying over a souvenir they want. With how cute these Mickey and Minnie rainbow plushies are, you might face similar problems.

Disney Rainbow Collection Pixar Pins


Thanks to their small size, these badges can be easily pinned anywhere, from your t-shirt to your backpacks. These make for a simple show of support for the LGBTQ+ community. 

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Star Wars 

Star Wars day might have recently passed, but that doesn’t mean the hype for the epic saga has to die down. 

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Channel your Han Solo love with the Millenium Falcon rainbow t-shirt. Or, if you’re a fan of the sequel trilogy, go for the rainbow t-shirt featuring the ever-dependable droid, BB-8. 

Disney Rainbow Collection Star Wars T-shirts


Take your style to a galaxy far, far away with the Pride-inspired black t-shirts starring Darth Vader and the Rebel Alliance emblem. The rainbow remixes of the designs pop against the black background, making them easy to match for any ensemble.

Disney Rainbow Collection Star Wars Pride


Die-hard fans, you can cop this bar pin featuring multi-coloured renditions of recognisable logos from the series like that of the Sith and Jedi orders. 


Having just dropped a trailer for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s future plans, and with the recent conclusion of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, there is no better time to wear your Marvel pride. 

Disney Rainbow Collection Marvel T-shirts

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Take a walk down the street decked out in the Marvel rainbow apparel, and fellow movie and comic geeks might just be assembling (pun intended) to get a glimpse of your fit. 

Disney Rainbow Collection Marvel Pin


And, last but not least, the Marvel logo receives the Pride Month treatment, coming as a pin you can display on your apparel or your bag.

Commemorate Pride Month With The Disney Rainbow Collection 

It seems like Disney is going full force with its Pride Month celebration this year by including many well-known franchises into the mix. Prices start from US$9.99 (~S$13.34) for the Disney rainbow pins. To find out more about the collection, head on over to the shopDisney online store.

While the range is currently only available in the U.S. and Japan, it will be released in the UK and Europe later this month. Watch this space for updates on whether this Disney rainbow collection will find its way to Singapore.  

In the meantime, Disney stans can also check out the upcoming Adidas x The Little Mermaid sneaker range series. 

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