El Chido Rooftop Bar

If anyone out there has Mexico on your travel bucket list, like me, here’s your chance to manifest your dream vacation to the Pacific Coast. El Chido, Pullman Singapore Hill Streets’s flagship swim-up bar has recently opened, boasting delicious vibes and food.

Image courtesy of Pullman Hotels and Resorts

With an infinity pool and sweeping panoramic views of Marina Bay, the Mexican-themed rooftop bar will make you feel as if you’re in Cancun, Cozumel or Playa Del Carmen.

Features and amenities

Located at the top of the brand new Pullman Singapore Hill Street hotel, the entire space presents a laid back mini Mexican getaway with a pop-art mural, colourful mandalas, and a wall of cacti.

Perfect for sundowners with your friends or romantic sunset dates, relax and choose your preferred lounge spot under the cabana, the communal sofas by the pool or sit and enjoy all the cocktail action at the bar. 

Even though it’s located at a hotel, you won’t need to be a staying guest to enjoy the facilities and views. Simply with any purchase of food and drink, you get to spend the entire day there at your leisure. With perks like this, you won’t have to tell me twice! 

Creative signature cocktails

From left: Mariachi’s Margarita, Martini Express

With a menu designed by award-winning mixologist Dario Knox, you can expect up to eight creative signature cocktails, each with a personality of its own. 

If you’re planning to spend the day here, you can definitely drink your way through the menu. The drinks are cleverly curated to match the bar’s interiors and they’re so eye-catching, your IG stories will be popping off while you get tipsy at the pool.

From left: Cactus Mojito, Sunset Boulevard

If you’re not sure where to start, go for the Cactus Mojito, a wonderfully balanced classic with a twist of diced bits of nopales, also called cactus paddles that’s both refreshing and earthy. 

Posing as an elegant version of a rum punch is the Sunset Boulevard served in a champagne flute with an orchid bloom. This might be the perfect sunset drink with its blend of black tea and hibiscus, clarified strawberry milk punch, vanilla, citrus, and rum. I don’t know about you, but that sounds so blissfully divine I could cry.


If you prefer some lighter options, you could try the Sombrero Smash with fresh basil, jasmine gin, cucumber, and citrus. Or if you like a hit of sourness, the Mariachi’s Margarita and Pendejo might hit the spot with the former having a spicy twist to it and the latter incorporating fresh passion fruit pulp, vanilla, citrus, tarragon, and frothy egg white. 

Mexican-themed dishes

Conceptualised in harmony with its Mexican theme, the food at El Chido is mostly made to share. Featuring some very authentic options, the menu consists of appetisers, sharing plates, tacos, tortillas, tostadas, and desserts. 

From left: Elotes, White Fish Ceviche

One thing that will quickly take your date night to the next level is sharing smaller portions of food with your SO rather than having entire entrees separately. So, don’t feel shy to start with the Elotes, a very popular Mexican street food. It’s two whole cobs of charred heirloom corn with garlicky Mexican crema, cotija cheese, coriander oil, and a fresh squeeze of lime. Here’s where I remind you to keep dental floss in your bag, thank me later. 

Other starters and appetisers include the perennial White Fish Ceviche made with a calamansi marinade and tossed with pickled sweet potatoes, capers, and diced avocados. There’s also El Chido’s take on loaded nachos simply called Nacho Man with the option of either minced beef or impossible beef with very generous classic toppings.

From left: Shrimp & Chorizo tacos, Grilled Bacon & Quail Egg tostada

As for tacos, get your hands on the Shrimp & Chorizo tacos with whole prawns, smokey chorizo bits, poblano peppers, avocados, crisp capers, shallots, and garlic crema

The Chicken Peanut Mole is a standout tortilla that has a playful and tasty blend of Singaporean and Mexican flavours featuring sweet and savoury textures of grilled pineapple and chicken strips. It comes dressed in satay-style peanut sauce, achar-inspired pickled vegetables, and popped rice. 

The tostadas at El Chido come in two options, the Grilled Bacon & Quail Egg that’s also served as an all-day breakfast, and the Thai Style Angus Beef Flank Steak for meat lovers. Tostadas are served with refried beans, salsa, guacamole, jalapeno, and queso fresco.

For a sweet ending, there’s Cinnamon and Pumpkin Empanadas with coconut ice cream, Mexican Churros with a shot of tequila chocolate, and the Tres Leches Ala Mexicana, a milk-soaked cake with honeycomb candy crunch and fresh berries. I’m now positively curious how tequila chocolate sauce tastes like.

Go On A Mini Mexican Getaway At El Chido For The Perfect Day-To-Night Experience

Open throughout the day until late night, El Chido is a great addition to Singapore’s list of trendy rooftop bars that will make you feel as if you’re really on holiday. Intentionally decked with modular furniture that’s easily reshuffled, the space is ideal for pool parties and DJ nights. 

You can even look forward to exciting upcoming pop-up events and themed nights like Taco Tuesdays and Margarita Nights with a cheeky El Chido twist. 

Address: 1 Hill Street, Singapore 179949

Opening hours: 12pm to 11 pm daily

Booking: Reserve at ResDiary.com

Contact: Call +6019 7888

Website | Facebook | Instagram 

All images courtesy of Pullman Hotels and Resorts.

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