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With GST now increased to 9%, Singaporeans are adopting a more cautious approach and tightening their belts when it comes to spending money. Despite this, there are milestones in life that some people won’t want to scrimp on, such as wedding proposals and ceremonies. 

For guys who are planning to pop the question soon and planning their budget, we quizzed 10 different women on the cost of their engagement rings. 

1. Double Banded Diamond Cluster Ring ‒ $990

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Similar to how flowers have meanings, cluster diamond rings symbolise lifelong commitment. This was perhaps why Hannah decided on a double-banded diamond cluster ring, featuring 20 diamonds on the left and ring of the band, and 10 in the middle.   

In case you’re wondering how Hannah only spent $990 on the ring, she and her partner purchased it during a sale. It originally cost around $2,300, so they definitely got a steal. 

“I was never a fan of solitaire rings, and I knew that I had to have the ring the moment I saw it.”  

– Hannah, 27

2. Diamond Cluster “Lotus Root” Ring ‒ $1,400

Engagement Ring PricesImage courtesy of Renae, source

Formed by small diamonds to give the shape of a “lotus root”, Renae’s engagement ring was purchased in Australia. Since Renae and her partner didn’t want to get a ring that is commonly seen in Singapore stores, they decided on this white gold diamond cluster ring that also features small diamonds on each side of the band. 

“I am a very clumsy person, so I wanted the ring to be on the cheaper end in case I lose or damage it.”

– Renae, 28

3. Princess Cut Moissanite Ring ‒ $1,700 

Engagement Ring PricesImage courtesy of Jeannette

Jeannette’s fiance raised the bar when she shared that he actually handmade her engagement ring. So it was not surprising that Jeannette said “yes” to his proposal. 

If you’re wondering how he did it, he purchased a princess-cut moissanite from a jeweller before attending a workshop and crafted the ring under the guidance of a craftsman. If that’s not true love, I’m not sure what is. 

“There’s so much effort put into this ring that I find it very special and one of a kind.” 

– Jeannette, 25

4. Lab Grown 0.7 Carat Diamond Ring ‒ $3,000+

Engagement Ring PricesImage courtesy of Amanda, source

For someone like Amanda, who doesn’t have many preferences when it comes to the design of an engagement ring, her partner surprised her with a 0.7-carat lab-grown diamond ring, featuring a 4-prong setting. Besides the main diamond in the middle, the band also showcases three small diamonds on the left and right. 

“I told him that I wanted a lab-grown diamond ring because I would prefer him to spend more money on travelling and on our house instead.” 

– Amanda, 31

5. Teal Sapphire Ring ‒ $5,000+

Image courtesy of Erza

Incorporating a coloured stone as the centrepiece of an engagement ring is becoming more common these days. Erza didn’t want a conventional diamond ring, and she absolutely loved it when her partner proposed with a teal sapphire ring with small diamonds lined on the band. 

With that being said, she also has plans to turn it into a family heirloom in the future. 

“I only chose the centre stone, and he worked out the design with a jeweller that we went to.”  

– Erza, 32

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6. Solasfera Diamond Ring ‒ $6,000


You’re not alone if you find yourself overwhelmed by different diamond terms. To help you out, a Solasfera diamond refers to a diamond with 91 facets and a pattern with 10 hearts and arrows. Such intricate settings maximise the stone’s brilliance, and the sparkles from a Solasfera diamond will no doubt be easily noticed from afar. 

Besides the fact that Jessica’s engagement ring features a 0.64-carat Solasfera diamond, it is designed with infinite symbols that sit below the stone. Plus, she also shares that the overlapping bands symbolise infinite love, and they are made of white gold and rose gold. 

– Jessica, 33

7. Brilliant Round Cut Diamond Ring ‒ $9,000+

Image courtesy of Lynnette, source

Natural diamonds are generally more expensive than lab-grown diamonds because of their scarcity. As such, Lynnette’s 0.8-carat brilliant round-cut natural diamond ring cost her partner more than $9,000. Not to mention, the diamond is graded with the clearest and highest quality ‒ simply stunning. 

She also explained that the band includes five smaller diamonds on each side, elevating its overall sparkle. 

– Lynnette, 30s

8. Decagon Cut Diamond Ring ‒ $10,000

Engagement Ring PricesImage courtesy of Zhi Dan, source

For the unacquainted, a decagon cut diamond, aka a 10-sided diamond, is patented by jewellery brand Jann Paul. This unique setting impresses with a whopping 111 facets, and 10 hearts and arrows that highlight the diamond’s brilliance and the skills of a craftsman.  

Zhi Dan’s engagement ring features a decagon-cut centre diamond, a hidden halo with small pink stones, and small diamonds spaced on a thin band. 

“My favourite part of the ring is the pink stones surrounding it because pink is my favourite colour.” 

– Zhi Dan, 29 

9. Diamond Ring with Infinite Setting ‒ $10,000 

Engagement Ring PricesImage courtesy of Elaine

What makes rings so meaningful are their one-of-a-kind details that can only be seen under close inspection. NGL, Elaine’s ring brings to mind the dream ring for many girls, thanks to its heart-shaped prongs and remarkable clarity. 

“It has a very unique cut, and you can see that the round centre stone shows a heart shape on the inside when you look from a certain angle.”

– Elaine, 30s

10. Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring ‒ $12,000

Image courtesy of Aditi

The lockdown in 2020 left Singaporeans with many collective memories. But for Aditi, it turned out to be one of her most memorable moments as her partner proposed to her. He surprised her with a 0.76-carat round brilliant cut diamond ring from Jann Paul. 

Her engagement ring comes in a high setting, with four prongs holding up the natural diamond ‒ an example of simplicity and class. 

“I didn’t have the chance to choose the ring, but I knew that my man has good taste.” 

– Aditi, 33

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The engagement rings of these 10 women show that their partners put a lot of effort and thought into finding the one that best represents their relationship. While some of them don’t come cheap, it’s important to understand that the value of the ring shouldn’t be used to measure the love your other half has for you. 

Watch the full video of these 10 women sharing about their engagement rings below:

Cover: Images courtesy of Jeannette, Amanda, and Erza

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