Proposing With Heirloom Diamond

Contrary to popular belief that popping the question is the most challenging part of a wedding proposal, some men argue that finding the perfect engagement ring is actually the trickiest. They have to consider their significant other’s preferences, ring size, and stone type… the list goes on. 

And, boy, are they bombarded with choices when it comes to purchasing a ring. Besides selecting off-the-shelves designs or commissioning a jeweller to create a bespoke ring, there’s also the option to repurpose a family heirloom into something new. 

While the latter is not as common, it can be a romantic and sentimental gesture. I spoke to Kenneth, who repurposed his grandmother’s heirloom diamond into a one-of-a-kind engagement ring for his partner.

The idea of marriage

Proposing With Heirloom DiamondImage courtesy of Kenneth

Kenneth has been dating his partner for more than two years, and in March 2024, they will be celebrating their third anniversary. When asked about his decision to bend the knee earlier in November 2023, Kenneth shared that “it felt like the time to settle down, and I saw many friends around me doing the same thing.”

Unlike Kenneth’s parents who had a civil marriage, he and his partner plan to have theirs in a church. To them, marriage is not just about two people who love each other very much, but also about the bigger purpose behind it.  

Planning for the proposal and getting the ring 

But first, let’s rewind to their big day. Several months before the proposal, Kenneth was already thinking about the engagement ring because he knew it could take time to find a suitable one for his partner.

He even candidly shared that despite many “subtle” attempts to figure out his partner’s ring size, he eventually resorted to using string and a measuring tape to obtain the best measurements. 

“At that point, my intention to propose was painfully obvious to her,” Kenneth commented. 

With the measurements in mind, he explored his options by visiting several jewellery stores, but nothing stood out for him. While he was open to buying a ready-made ring, he found it rather meaningless and wished to inject deeper meaning into the ring without breaking the bank. 

“I recalled having a set of heirloom jewels that my grandmother had bequeathed to me upon her passing,” Kenneth said. “I managed to find a natural diamond stone that was suitable for repurposing.”

Considering that the size and quality of the diamond appeared to be perfect to his liking, Kenneth then decided to bring the stone for evaluation and consultation with a local jeweller. 

“I shared my budget and expected timeline, and the jeweller came up with a new design that incorporated other gems and details that my partner likes,” Kenneth mentioned. 

Challenges faced during the process

Image courtesy of Kenneth

Creating a bespoke ring from scratch means you can opt for almost anything within your budget, but Kenneth pointed out that he also faced a couple of challenges. 

“As my partner has sensitive skin, I wanted to make sure that the band wouldn’t trigger any of her skin allergies,” Kenneth explained. “Thankfully, my jeweller suggested going for 14K gold because the lower percentage of gold eases my worries, yet also incorporates precious metal for the ring.”

Apart from just the material of the band, Kenneth also had concerns about whether the design of the ring would hinder his partner’s daily activities. 

“I wanted to make sure that the ring wouldn’t affect activities like doing chores and working,” Kenneth said. “Additionally, I wanted it to match the outfits that she wears.” 

Fortunately, everything worked out, and once the ring was ready for collection, Kenneth felt more confident that his partner was going to say “yes”.

Proposing to his partner while overseas

Image courtesy of Kenneth

Set the scene for the big day: Ali Shan in Taiwan, cable car, sky high views. Considering his partner wasn’t a fan of attention, Kenneth decided to propose to her in an intimate setting, with a friend also present to capture the unforgettable moment. 

“I chose to propose inside a cable car because it would provide the best spot, which was private enough and out of view from the public eye,” Kenneth shared. 

Right before Kenneth went down on one knee, nerves actually got the better of him — naturally.

“When I was about to kneel, I was really terrified because the cable car shook,” Kenneth said. “I was hovering above the floor and trying not to shake the whole cable car.”

Fortunately, the proposal went well, and as expected, Kenneth’s partner said “yes”. She was also very pleased with the ring, and was surprised to learn the story behind its inception. 

Kenneth’s thoughts on wedding proposals and tips for hopeless boyfriends

Image courtesy of Rachel P Jewels

Looking back at his experience, Kenneth shared that he has always viewed wedding proposals as a formality, and believes that it is much more important than the engagement ring.

“I feel that many people of my generation see wedding proposals as something to get over quickly, but I prefer to express my full sincerity to my partner,” Kenneth explained. 

With that being said, Kenneth advises hopeless boyfriends who are planning to pop the question to “plan as much as you can”. 

“But don’t sweat it if it doesn’t go according to plan because it normally never does. It makes for some fun stories to share with everyone, so I guess you’ll have that instead,” Kenneth shares. 

Kenneth also pointed out that repurposing a ring has also given him a new perspective on heirlooms. 

He believes more credit should be given to our grandparents and ancestors, and we shouldn’t see their old possessions as clutter. After all, their belongings once meant something to them, and the best we could do is to inject them with newfound meanings. 

Create your own memories by repurposing heirloom jewellery

Taking Kenneth’s story as an example, there are many ways to give new life to old things. If you plan to recycle and repurpose jewellery but are unsure of how to do so, visiting a trustworthy jewellery store such as Rachel P Jewels will do the trick. 

Proposing With Heirloom DiamondImage courtesy of Rachel P Jewels

Rachel P Jewels is a local jewellery store owned by Rachel, who comes from a long line of family jewellers, with over 30 years of experience. Besides sharing advice and suggestions on repurposing old jewellery, she even offers other services like bespoke jewellery customisation and after-sales services, like resizing and restringing work.

Alongside a team of craftsmen, she also handles every step of the jewellery production. This way, she ensures the quality of the jewellery, and provides her customers with detailed updates on their orders.

Proposing With Heirloom Diamond Image courtesy of Rachel P Jewels

But before Rachel commits to any project, she always verifies the condition of a gemstone, and consults with her customers to learn their stories, lifestyles, preferences, and budgets. By doing so, it provides her with the necessary information required to turn their visions into reality, and come up with a unique design. 

Since Rachel never repeats any design, rest assured that your jewellery will be one-of-a-kind in the world. That said, her team puts together every piece of jewellery by hand, and does not use duplicate moulds and wax, showcasing their craftsmanship. 

Proposing With Heirloom DiamondImage courtesy of Rachel P Jewels

But that’s not to say they can’t recreate a piece that has caught your eye. Rachel P Jewels is always open to creating a new piece with a similar theme and style. Rachel believes that by doing so, each piece of jewellery gets to have its own special meaning. 

Furthermore, Rachel strictly works with ethical gem suppliers, which source quality natural diamonds and gemstones. Even then, she keeps the price range reasonable and honest for her customers, promising quality designs in the market. 

Proposing With Heirloom DiamondImage courtesy of Rachel P Jewels

Accidents happen when we least expect them, and there will always be occasions when we accidentally cause a scratch on our beloved jewellery or snap a pearl necklace. Instead of panicking about the damage, you can always bring your jewellery to Rachel for restoration. 

Not to mention, Rachel also offers gold and rhodium plating services that give your jewellery a fresh layer of gold. In case you’re wondering about the purpose behind plating, it helps to prolong the life of jewellery and maintain its condition. 

Repurpose Old Heirloom Jewellery By Visiting Rachel P Jewels

Proposing With Heirloom DiamondImages courtesy of Rachel P Jewels

Rather than spending the money and time picking out a run-of-the-mill piece of jewellery for your loved ones, consider creating your bespoke jewellery at Rachel P Jewels just like Kenneth. 

Not only will it be a sincere gesture for your special someone, but also add meaning to your love story.

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Cover: Images courtesy of Kenneth.
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