Epizode is Southeast Asia’s Island Clubbing Event

Does the idea of putting your ****ing hands up on a beach while the DJ lambasts you with EDM appeal to you? Thanks to Epizode, you can fly to a nearby island to party for nights on end even if you’re not a Kardashian or a Jenner.

According to its website:

“Epizode is a unique music and art festival held annually in Vietnam’s biggest and most blissful island—Phu Quoc.

The festival’s main goal is bringing the latest electronic music trends to Asia, while showcasing the best regional talents at the same time. Epizode aims to become the winter hub of party goers, travelers and industry people, and to connect East and West.”


While Singaporeans do not particularly need a “winter hub”, we still need an excuse to put on our bikinis and prance around to sick beats, while people pour vodka in our mouths.

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The all-important details

Epizode will run this year from December 27, 4pm to 7 January 2020, 7pm, so you can pack your bags to party till you drop after having your annual Christmas turkey.


Prices begin at P11,700 (~S$307) for an early bird multi pass. But check this out, there is a sister multi pass available for P15,650 (~S$410) which is valid for two girls, so you get more bang for your buck.

For the sister multi pass, “joint presence is not required” so you can still party if your sis runs off with a stranger.

What you can look forward to


Based on past Epizodes, party-goers were engaged in yoga sessions while bathed in golden morning light, because you can’t club 24/7.  


There were art installations such as the above-pictured long-legged elephant sculptures inspired by Salvador Dali paintings, to keep the venue interesting.  

From their latest aftermovie, we also saw water gun fights, confetti, a DJ who showed up to work in Louis Vuitton pajamas, laser lights and lots of wild partying of course.

You can catch the highlights in their aftermovie for yourself:

Epizode Is Southeast Asia’s Answer To Island Partying

If you’ve watched Netflix’s Fyre Festival documentary and wonder how it would have been if things didn’t fall apart at the seams, look no further.

Epizode brings the revelry of non-stop beach partying right into Southeast Asia. In other words, you can book a budget flight and get the Fyre Festival experience affordably.

It’s time to plan your annual leave so you can party the new year away at Epizode, sis!

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