ETUDE x SHINee Eyeshadow Palettes

Earlier this month, K-pop boy group SHINee performed at Singapore Indoor Stadium. This marked the second time the boys had been back in our Little Red Dot since 2012 — 12 years ago. As quoted by Key during the concert, “why did it take us so long to return to Singapore?” 

For Shawols who’ve been struggling with post-concert depression since then, now you can get your hands on the latest Etude x SHINee collection while waiting for the boys’ return.

The collection


Fun fact: SHINee were Etude’s first male endorsers back in 2011. Now, the makeup brand has teamed up with the boy group once again with their Replay Collection, a name inspired by SHINee’s debut song, “Replay”. 

There are three unique eyeshadow palettes in this collection, shaped just like mini retro cassette players. It’s the perfect item for a boy group like SHINee, as they had released actual cassette tapes for their album “1 of 1” back in 2016, instead of the standard album CD. 

Each eyeshadow palette is represented by the members, Taemin, Minho and Key.

For those who love going for cool and light undertones, the Legendary Taro Cherry palette might be up your alley. Match these cute pink sparkles with Key, with four fresh shades for an everyday makeup look.

Go for a soft muted pink look with the Secret Cake Box palette, represented by Taemin. The eyeshadow palette comes with two glitters and a fluffy brown shade to blend out into the crease and lower lashline.

Or if you prefer a no-makeup makeup look, the Sweet Earl Grey palette, represented by Minho, has neutral cool undertones. It’s perfect for smokey eye shades that are light and soft, so you can enhance your eye makeup look without being too bold.


The three eyeshadow palettes are small and compact, so you can take them in your handbag while on the go. 

The Replay Collection also includes three glossy balms and four individual eyeshadow pans to level up your makeup look. Perhaps this collection will inspire your next SHINee concert makeup look — the boys will have no choice but to sing “noona neomu yeppeo” when they see you, a song lyric from “Replay” which translates to “noona is so pretty”.

The ETUDE x SHINee Collection Has Eyeshadow Palettes Shaped Like Cassette Players For Nostalgic Fans

The ETUDE x SHINee Replay collection is now available on ETUDE’s Shopee page for Singaporean Shawols to purchase. And to help tide over your post-concert depression, here’s a list of upcoming concerts and fanmeets in Singapore that you can keep your eyes peeled for. 

All images courtesy of ETUDE.

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