EXO Kai x Gucci Capsule Collection

Gucci is no stranger to collaborations with cartoon characters, like the Gucci x Mickey Mouse and Gucci x Doraemon collections. But until this week, it had yet to launch a collection with a Korean celebrity. Enter Kai from EXO and the Kai x Gucci capsule collection. If you didn’t already know, Kai was appointed as the global ambassador for Gucci in 2019. Now, the singer has collaborated with the Italian brand on a capsule collection, making him the first Korean celeb to have a collection with Gucci under his belt. 

According to a translation by Soompi, the star told Esquire Korea, “The Kai Capsule Collection is a collection that embodies my favourite animal, a bear. Gucci is a luxury brand and it doesn’t give off the feeling that it’s something you wear typically in your everyday life. But with the cute bear, it seems much more casual.”  

On top of the fact that his favourite animal is a bear, the bear-with-a-bow-tie motif in this collection is also inspired by one of his nicknames, “Nini Bear”. The nickname was given to him by EXO-Ls, EXO’s fanbase name, adding to the significance of the designs for fans. 

The collection

kai gucci sweater


On 22 February 2021, Kai shook his fans with pictures of him modelling pieces from the Kai x Gucci collection. In this picture, he dons a blue sweater embellished with the classic GG logo and a teddy bear pattern. If you look closely, you’ll also see that he is sitting on a Gucci suitcase with a similar teddy bear graphic. 

kai gucci jacket


Here’s Kai rocking the Kai x Gucci monogram jacket featuring the brand’s iconic red and green stripes along the side. Beside him is what appears to be a crossbody bag designed in matching earthy tones with the bear’s face plastered in the centre. 

kai gucci bag


Apart from clothes with the double G logo, the collection also includes more subtle items, such as this flannel long-sleeved top with the super adorable teddy bear embroidered on the left. 

kai x gucci shirt


Let’s take our attention away from the abs for a moment and focus on the T-shirt. Compared to the usual Gucci tee with the house’s logo, Kai’s version gives it a cute spin with the collection’s bow tie-clad teddy bear. 

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The rest of the collection

kai x gucci ss 1


According to Gucci Korea, the Kai x Gucci collection is in the midst of preparation for launch. Sign up as a new member on the official Gucci Korea online store, and you can be the first to see the new collection. We scoured the internet to find out more about the rest of the collection and found these screenshots from fans who possibly signed up as members. 

collection ss 2


Besides the pieces modelled by Kai, it looks like there will also be Gucci footwear and denim jeans available in Kai’s teddy bear iterations. These are too cute to bear.

hats collage

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That’s not all. From what we found on Twitter, fans could probably anticipate a Kai x Gucci bucket hat and baseball cap. Perhaps, one day Kai will dance to Tempo with this bucket hat.

EXO’s Kai x Gucci Collection Pieces Are Both Swag And Cute Like The Man Himself

The good news is that the Kai x Gucci collection will be launching in Singapore. EXO-Ls, make your way to the Gucci ION Orchard store come 15 March 2021. 

This article was first published on 23 February 2021 and last updated on 25 February 2021.
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