Fila x Subway Collection

[Update] Good news: Subway stans in Singapore can now get some pieces from the collection from Kartoutco’s website. Prices range from $65 to $99.

Fila Korea has collaborated with Subway to release a series of graphic tees, shoes and bags. The products in this collection have been reinvented in Subway’s signature colours for a fresh look and highlight 2 of the fast-food chain’s most popular sandwiches.

You can check out the full collection on the Fila Korea website. Prices range from 9,900 KRW (~S$11.49) to 79,000 KRW (~S$91.67).


The clothing in the collection consists of t-shirts in various different designs. 

fila subway (7)

The first design features the Fila and Subway logos on the front. Behind, you’ll find a picture of either an Egg Mayo sandwich or arguably the best Subway sandwich, the Italian BMT. 

fila subway (8)

Checkboxes listing out the veggie and cheese options also appear at the back, so you can tick your desired ingredients and flash your completed order to the Subway worker.

For those who want to profess their love for their favourite fast-food chain, the next 2 designs let you wear the logo on your chest.

fila subway (9)

The Drawing Sandwich T-shirt has an illustration of the Subway sandwich separated into layers on the back. 

fila subway (11)

The Sandwich T-shirt also has the Subway logo on the front while the back has pictures of the Italian BMT and Egg Mayo sandwiches.

If you’re all about that understated look, turn to the last 2 designs.

fila subway (10)

The Recipe T-shirt has an illustration of a Subway sandwich in front, and all the various components that go into making a delicious Subway sandwich on the back.

fila subway (12)

The Logo Graphic T-shirt is the most low-key item among the tees, with the key design elements being both brand’s logos.

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fila subway (4)

Dabao your Subway sandwich after CB ends in style with the Fila x Subway Sandwich Bag. One side bears the Subway logo while the other side has the Fila logo on it.

You can hold the bag by the handle or fold it up and carry it like a clutch.

fila subway (5)

Drop your basic tote bags and replace them with the Fila x Subway Party Platter Bag. Perfect for a picnic or grocery run, the bag comes with a little tag with the Subway sandwich ingredient list.



Fila x Subway’s Camp Cap comes in 2 colourways. Minimalists can go for the sleek black version while maximalists will love the colour-blocked option.


Of course, no Fila collaboration would be complete with footwear.

classic border OG

The Fila x Subway collection includes the Classic Border OG, a low-cut sneaker. The insoles are decorated with texts that read “EGG MAYO”, followed by the ingredients of a Subway egg mayo sandwich. 


The Fila Zagato has been reinvented in the iconic Subway colours, and topped off with a little tag near the heel with Subway’s Italian BMT sandwich ingredient list. 


Name a more iconic pair than the Fila x Subway Drifter. The slides will be great for post-CB supper sessions with friends, when you want an effortlessly cool and casual look. 

Fila x Subway Collection Keeps You Looking Fresh

Fila x Subway is the collaboration we didn’t know we needed. For now, the products are only available in Korea, but watch this space for updates if the collection does make its way to Singapore.

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