Foundation Makeup Hacks

There are countless ways to up your foundation game. People even make their very own from scratch. Forget about spending extra monies on the fancy schmancy stuff. These hacks are a lifesaver for reviving the old makeup we’ve neglected. Or for adapting heavier foundations to Singapore’s heat. Because we all know that before we can paint our faces, we first need to have a clean canvas.

So here’s the low-down on game changers that your foundation routine needs.

For Thinner Consistency

1. Vaseline/Moisturiser


In our previous article, we told you to let your skin soak up moisturiser before applying makeup so it doesn’t cling onto makeup unevenly.

While this is still true when it comes to skincare, you can still mix in moisturiser or trusty ol’ Vaseline to your foundation to create a sheer and smooth formula. This works great to thin out thick, cream foundations so it becomes more wearable in Singapore’s humidity.

However, keep in mind that oil and water do not mix. So if you want to blend facial creams and foundations together, both have to be either water OR oil-based products. Petroleum jelly such as Vaseline is oil-based so it can’t be mixed with water-based foundations.

2. Primer


On its own, thicker formula foundations have higher tendencies to cake by nature. Makeup primer can break down full coverage creams to be more translucent, while retaining the long-lasting durability that they provide over liquid or powder foundations. It also blends seamlessly into the first layer of primer already applied on the skin.

Makeup primer contains light-reflecting properties so it enhances not only the lasting power of the foundation, but also adds luminosity.

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For a Smooth Finish

3. Aloe vera


Incorporating a dollop of aloe vera gel turns your makeup into a gel-textured face tint with a sheer glow. Also known to be perfect for mixing with mineral powder foundation, aloe vera helps control oil and fills up pores—acting as a dupe for face primer. This reduces makeup from settling into fine lines. And it’s naturally nourishing for your skin, repairing dead skin cells.

4. Facial serum


Give your skin a boost by adding its heavily concentrated goodness into your daily makeup routine. Some Youtube beauty gurus recommend mixing a drop of serum with foundation. You can also use facial serums as a primer before applying makeup. It helps balance out moisture levels in our skin so makeup sets better and is less prone to caking.

For Luminosity

5. Oil


Well, not the kind of oil you find in the kitchen to cook your vegetables in. But certain plant oils can give skin that healthy glow. Jojoba oil is deeply hydrating, possessing anti-inflammatory properties that reduce dryness and irritation. However, if your skin is more prone to getting clogged, Argan oil is non-greasy, non-comedogenic and jam-packed with antioxidants that are easily absorbed.

But as mentioned earlier, oil and water do not mix. You cannot use a damp beauty sponge to apply this oil-foundation concoction, or even use setting spray. The water content will break the product down and ruin your makeup.

Foundation Level Up


So cake no further! You’ll never be conflicted on whether to chuck products out or not. Because now you can change its texture and finish to your liking—and feed your skin the nutrients it needs.

This article was first published on 19 January 2017 and last updated on 17 January 2024. 

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