Golden Village Minions Tumblers

Wearing suits to catch the latest Minions movie might be the trend for fans, but you can also take the experience to the next level at Golden Village. The cinema now has exclusive Minions combo sets with popcorn and tumblers that would make any fan of the latest movie go bananas. Read on to find out more about the adorable tumblers. 

The tumblers

Similar to the previous collaborations that Golden Village launched, you get to bring home a Minions tumbler when you purchase a combo set. The $15 set comes with one large popcorn, two regular drinks, and a Minions tumbler of your choice. 

Golden Village Minions Tumblers

The tumblers are reusable and come with a straw for easy drinking. What’s more, they are even stackable thanks to a stud on the lid that wedges into the bottom of another tumbler. 

Closing in on the details, the first two designs of the tumblers feature the Minions with two eyes and a smirk on their faces. Style 1 shows how it has a centre parting hairstyle, whereas Style 2 shows one with sparse hair. 

The subsequent two tumbler designs are for fans who love the single-eye Minions. Style 3 shows a Minion with a smirk, and Style 4 features another with a smile and hair that stand straight up. 

Expand Your Minions Collection With These Adorable Tumblers From Golden Village

Don’t miss out on the chance to expand your Minions collection when you purchase the combo sets from Golden Village. Golden Village Movie Club members also get to enjoy a $1 discount when they present their membership account. 

The collectibles are currently available at all Golden Village outlets, and on Golden Village’s official website for a limited time. 

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