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Golden Village Snoopy Combo Set

Adorable tumblers and popcorn buckets are no stranger to the Golden Village brand. Previously, they had Sanrio fans excited with their Hello Kitty combo set. Now, they are back with 2 new collectibles ‒ a Snoopy Tumbler and a Doghouse Popcorn Bucket. Grab your peanut gang and read on to learn how you can get these latest additions to your Peanuts collection.  

Snoopy Combo with Doghouse

Whether in a cinema or in the comfort of your home, a movie night doesn’t feel right without snacking on popcorn. By purchasing the Snoopy Combo with Doghouse, you will receive a Snoopy Tumbler, a Doghouse Popcorn Bucket, one regular drink and a large popcorn. 

Golden Village Snoopy Combo Set

The tumbler is literally shaped like Snoopy and on top of its head, it flips open so you can insert a straw and enjoy your favourite beverage. As the tumbler is reusable, have it store your daily coffee when you tabao to your office or friend’s abode. When not in use, it also doubles as a cute home decor. 

Normally in the comics, you’ll find Snoopy lying on top of his doghouse. Instead, Snoopy’s best friend, Woodstock, makes an appearance above the Doghouse Popcorn Bucket. The bucket opens up on the side, making it easy to snack on popcorn while you enjoy the latest movies in the cinema. 

Golden Village Snoopy Combo Set

Celebrate Snoopy and Woodstock’s friendship when you order the Snoopy Combo with Doghouse that retails at $24.50. 

Snoopy Combo 

If you’re craving other savoury snacks, the Snoopy Combo allows you to opt for nachos with cheese and a hot dog too.  

Golden Village Snoopy Combo Set

Unlike the previous combo, the Snoopy Combo only includes a Snoopy Tumbler, one regular drink and a snack of your choice. 

The Snoopy Combo retails at $14.50. 

Expand Your Peanuts Collection With This Snoopy-Themed Tumbler And Popcorn Bucket 

The Snoopy collectibles are currently available at all Golden Village outlets for a limited time. If you’re not planning to head to the cinemas any time soon, you can still get them through Golden Village’s official website. For those who are Golden Village members, you will also receive a $1 discount from any combo set. 

All images courtesy of Golden Village

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