Guide To Crystals

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you would have noticed that the trend of crystals is on the rise among millennials and Gen Zs. And no, we’re not only referring to the giant geode rock your dad put in your living room for feng shui. Other than just pretty accessories to have on hand or around the house, crystals also have different types of properties and meanings attached to each one. 

Whether you’re in it for a spiritually healing journey or simply for the aesthetics, we’ve compiled an in-depth guide of 30 types of crystals for you to find out what resonates with you the most. 

1. Rose Quartz

rose quartzSource

One of the more common crystals that can be found is rose quartz. Crystal noob or not, you’ve probably heard of this pale pink rock. Usually recommended for people who are new to collecting crystals, rose quartz can be found in different shapes such as hearts or tumbles. 

Given its gorgeous colour, it is no surprise that it is known as the crystal for love. Often associated with gentleness and femininity, rose quartz usually helps you to open your heart, feel calmer, and put yourself at ease. However, not only does it apply to romantic love, it also can mean unconditional love, or even self-love. With the belief that it helps to improve relationships, you can consider gifting a rose quartz piece to bae or you can even place it near you at home for some self-care. 

Meaning: Unconditional love, universal love 

2. Strawberry Quartz 

strawberry quartzSource

Despite its similarities, don’t confuse strawberry quartz with rose quartz. Usually found with a darker red shade, it is akin to a strawberry, hence its name. 

It is an individual-oriented stone, which means that it tends to focus on more qualities for yourself and less for the relationships around you. It is also a stone for love, but with more intention on self-love and self-confidence.

The crystal also ensures that your journey in life is clearer, and you’re well aware of what to do with decisions moving forward. 

Meaning: Self-confidence, self-love and growth

3. Amethyst 


If you recognise this crystal, that’s probably because you’ve seen it in people’s homes, especially during CNY. Being purple in colour, it is most associated with royalty and wealth.

The one shown above is the amethyst geode, and is usually placed in homes for good feng shui. However, if you’re looking for a travel-sized version, amethysts can be found as tumbles or figurines. 

Supposedly meant to protect you from drunkenness, the amethyst has a calming feel and grounds you. With purposes to relieve stress and anxiety, this stone is known as an “all-purpose stone”. It also helps to open up your heart and mind, and clears any negative thoughts you may have

Meaning: Protection, wisdom, relieves stress, wealth

4. Citrine


If you’re feeling dull or unmotivated, citrine’s the perfect stone for you. Being yellow in colour and otherwise referred to as the “money stone”, citrine brings positivity to your life. Hot heads, such as myself, will be happy to hear that it also reduces anger, as well as mood swings.

Additionally, the crystal encourages new beginnings. With it. take the time to try out new and different things that you’ve never done before that excite you. 

Meaning: Happiness, creativity, joy, abundance 

5. Fluorite


This pretty crystal has a palette of blues and purples, giving a relaxing and soothing feel – which is exactly what fluorite is for. With the intention to calm you, the crystal detoxes your mind and spirit, which in turn, helps to stabilise and cleanse. 

If you’re feeling particularly stressed or plagued with negative thoughts, pick up a fluorite piece and meditate with it, as it’s meant to help neutralise those feelings. Afterward, your mind would become more at peace and clearer, which will aid you in better thinking. 

Meaning: Peace, clarity, calmness

6. Pyrite 


With pyrite being known as “fool’s gold”, this crystal is usually found with gold sheens. Derived from the Greek word of fire, pyrite is meant to protect you from negative energy, all while giving you confidence and strengthening your mind. 

Your energy should have a significant increase, as will your willpower and motivation. If you ever find yourself feeling lesser, pyrite’s here to remind you that you’re a slaying girl boss.

Meaning: Motivation, strength, willpower

7. Jade


Similar to amethyst, jade is also another household favourite, but is usually more common in accessories and jewellery. With the recent trend of jade and rose quartz rollers for skincare, you can now find the material being more popular among millennials and Gen Zs. 

Besides the association to wealth, jade also implies prosperity, good luck, forgiveness, comfort and balance. With these values that still hold importance today, jade is a reminder of peace, wisdom, and healing. 

Meaning: Prosperity, harmony, wisdom, peace

8. Clear Quartz 

clear quartzSource

Clear quartz is exactly what you think it is – a transparent crystal, with gorgeous reflections of light. Typically used with other crystals, you can place clear quartz nearby to enhance their benefits. While it clears your mind, it also helps to stabilise your emotions. Fun fact: you can use clear quartz to cleanse other crystals too. 

Meaning: Clarity, stability 

9. Obsidian

obsidianThis is a black obsidian fortune cat

While this stone may sound and look like a particularly intimidating piece, obsidian is actually a clarity stone, meant to help you reduce both emotional and physical stress. Similar to fluorite, obsidian helps you detox your mind, and promotes personal growth. 

Meaning: Protection, grounding, clarity 

10. Black tourmaline 

black tourmalineSource

Black tourmaline works similarly to obsidian, with its ability to help you release negative energy. Often used for protection, it helps to ground you, and increase your motivation. 

Wear it as a bracelet or on a necklace so you can take it around with you wherever you go. Plus, it’s a minimalist yet chio accessory for a chic addition to your fit.

Meaning: Protection, motivation, grounding

11. Smoky quartz

smoky quartzSource

Joining the quartz family is smoky quartz, a crystal with brown and clear overlays. Known as a transformative stone, the crystal helps in relieving stress and negative emotions. 

While it brings calmness, smoky quartz also increases your level of positive thinking – truly the epitome of #goodvibes only. As the stone is connected to the root chakra, it typically helps in grounding you to Earth, and also serves as your reminder to be calm and at peace.

Meaning: Calmness, peace, serenity 

12. Labradorite 


Personally, labradorite is one of the prettiest crystals I’ve seen. Usually found in a blue shade, hidden rainbows and flashes emerge under light, making every angle a pleasant surprise. 

Not only does it serve for aesthetic purposes, labradorite helps to clear your mind and aids in sleep. As it also relieves stress, the crystal helps to sharpen and clear your mind, while increasing your intuition. 

Meaning: Energy, clarity, strength, intuition 

13. Amazonite 


Amazonite has a light blue, almost green, shade and is streaked with other colours. With its gentle look, it helps to reduce tiredness. Additionally, it soothes nervous energy and calms you, especially if you’re in anxiety-filled situations. 

This crystal also stands for bravery and truth, and enhances communication. Whether you’re having a HTHT with bae or dealing with a painful project group mate, slip a piece into your bag or place it on your table for the good energy to seep through. 

Meaning: Bravery, calmness, honesty 

14. Angelite 


This pastel blue rock’s name matches its elegant-looking features – angelite. As such, the crystal has a soothing and calming function, and it also helps to increase one’s spiritual awareness. Additionally, it is good for fostering camaraderie. 

Meaning: Spiritual awareness, peace

15. Blue apatite 

blue apatiteSource

Another addition to the blue crystal family is blue apatite. Streaked with gold, this crystal is good for taking away negative energy and confusion, leaving nothing but clarity and understanding. 

It pushes you on the track to achieving your goals, and opens the mind to help us learn more. As it is associated with the throat chakra, this crystal enables you to speak up more, communicate, and be more resourceful.

Meaning: Open mindedness, communication, self-acceptance

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16. Celestite


Celestite feels similar to a moon, especially with its dreamy blue colour. Just like how you’d feel when you look at the moon, celestite calms your mind and dissipates any anger or negativity. 

With so many ways to destress ourselves, celestite is one such method, helping to heal your mind mentally and relieve confusion. 

Meaning: Calmness, stress relief

17. Howlite


Minimalists can opt for howlite – a white crystal etched with black streaks that resemble marble, down to the texture and patterns. Smooth to the touch, howlite promotes patience and calmness, and aids in diffusing rage. 

Meaning: Patience, calmness

18. Blue Kyanite

blue kyaniteSource

 This shimmery, blue crystal is great for calming and grounding energy. Blue kyanite encourages self-expression, and promotes communication. 

It also aids in moving past your fear of truly saying what you feel, and aims to help you live your own truth, no matter what it may be. Consider gifting a piece to someone who you think needs some fearless energy, Tay Tay style. 

Meaning: Self-expression, communication

19. Lepidolite 


This purple stone reminds us of a galaxy, and is often known as the “peace stone” or the “grandmother stone”. The crystal has been dubbed as such due to its nurturing and calming associations. 

Lepidolite aims to help you overcome dependency, be it mental or emotional. With intentions to bring peace and harmony, the crystal also promotes balance and stability to you.

Meaning: Harmony, stability, peace

20. Moonstone


Moonstone is another more common crystal of late, which has a shimmery silvery-white tone with blue and black flecks. 

While it activates creativity, moonstone also helps to enhance your intuition, allowing you to feel your innermost feelings deeply. When tensions or emotions are running high, moonstone helps to cool down the heat. It symbolises restoration and even a mother’s protection – to feel safe and nestled in an embrace.

Meaning: Creativity, calmness, peace, emotion

21. Opalite


With my personal favourite being opalite, this gorgeous man-made crystal was the one that started my interest in this topic. Despite being transparent, opalite has a blue and pinkish palette that looks more prominent under sunlight.

Coming in different types such as worry stones, opalite helps to make things more light-hearted, while putting things at ease. With the intention to help ease burdens, the crystal helps to increase energy and clear the mind, while promoting strength. 

Meaning: Light-heartedness, clarity 

22. Rhodonite 

rhodonite Peruvian rhodonite towers

Coming in a pretty shade of pink, rhodonite is a crystal that represents compassion. If you’ve been hurt by the past, this stone is one to help clear emotional scars and old-time wounds. 

Its colour naturally associates it with love, as it stimulates the heart and prepares it for feelings.  Apart from that, rhodonite also helps you to reach your best potential.

Meaning: Compassion, newness 

23. Sodalite


Sodalite resembles lepidolite, in the sense that it also has a celestial vibe. Coming with orange streaks, the stone helps to improve communication, and allows you to speak the truth. 

As your intuition is clearer, your confidence will grow and in turn, make you more logical and rational. Furthermore, your clarity is more enhanced, and increases your efficiency. TLDR; it basically helps make you a queen who speaks truth only.

Meaning: Confidence, clarity, efficiency 

24. Tiger’s eye 

tiger's eyeSource

Just like in Katy Perry’s “Roar”, “I’ve got the eye of the tiger”, indeed. A tiger’s eye crystal usually consists of an orange and black striped design, and like how a tiger is fierce, this stone gives confidence and protection from negative energy.

Especially when you’re going through a new life stage, it gives discernment to go through it and challenge yourself. It also takes away fear and gives courage, enabling success, wealth, luck, and vitality – all qualities of a go-getter.

Meaning: Bravery, confidence, success

25. Flower Agate 

flower agateSource

With its interesting spotted design, flower agate is easy to spot amid the variety of crystals. With a pink, orange, and red palette, the crystal’s texture and design may take an acquired taste to appreciate. 

It has the symbolism of a gentle flower, which represents growing by yourself, while developing self-confidence and increasing empathy. It also boosts spontaneity and joyfulness, all while calming and making you more grounded. 

Meaning: Self-growth, joyfulness, calmness

26. Kunzite


Kunzite has a delicate, lavender colour. It promotes better connection between your heart and your mind, which means that you’ll be more open in receiving opportunities of love. While it also reduces heartbreak, kunzite helps to instil more kindness and peace in you. With this, tolerance follows suit and you’ll feel happiness when moving forward in life. 

Meaning: Love, kindness, peace

27. Green aventurine

green aventurineSource

Green aventurine has a silver-green design which reminds us of the Slytherin house colours. 

This crystal, while it comforts and calms emotionally, also helps to heal the heart, as well as take away negative thoughts and nervousness. It gives you a fervour for life, to take on more opportunities, and promotes confidence, strength, and more happiness – a perfect stone for the year ahead.

Meaning: Happiness, fervour, comfort

28. Blue lace agate

blue lace agateSource

If you’re one for patterns on your stones, consider blue lace agate to add to your collection. Coming in a pale blue, the stone has wiggly white and blue lines etched on the design, creating a texture. 

Blue lace agate is ideal if you’re in a position where public speaking is imminent. It encourages communication, and stimulates more confidence while also providing happiness, peace, and good luck. Unlike a tiger’s eye which gives more outward confidence, blue lace agate gives a quiet strength, and grants the ability to get your message across better to others.

Meaning: Communication, luck, strength

29. Ocean jasper

ocean jasperSource

For sea-lovers, ocean jasper is a crystal that you can opt for. With yellow and green details, it comes in different colours and can range from dark blue to sandy. Furthermore, the stones have patterns that resemble waves, or even barnacles. 

Similarly to the sea, the stones give off calm and positive energy. Paired with increased confidence, ocean jasper renews, strengthens, encourages, and gives you more insight on yourself, especially when assuming decisions and responsibilities. With a focus on relaxation and happiness, the stones bring in the new like the tide.

Meaning: Renewal, strength, relaxation 

30. Malachite 


Malachites are green in colour, and have an intricate design, including a uniquely designed wave pattern which is easily recognisable among other green stones. 

Used for protection, malachite helps to take away negative energy. It grounds you, and allows you to be more calm when faced with changes. Additionally, this stone gives courage and stimulates one to take risks – especially useful as each day presents itself with new surprises and opportunities. 

Meaning: Courage, calmness

This Crystal Guide Will Help You If You’re Looking For A Specific Purpose

There are crystals for almost every intention or occasion and there are a wide variety of them out there for you to choose from. 

Before purchasing a crystal, ensure you are acquainted with its meanings, as they can serve you better if you’re aware of what you’re getting. However, don’t let that stop you from picking up a pretty crystal that simply resonates strongly with you. 

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