Hair Dye Questions And Fears

Doing something for the first time can be intimidating, and when it comes to getting a hair dye job, there are always many factors holding us back. Since it changes your appearance and can cost up to a few hundred dollars, you’d want to make sure that it is a process you won’t regret. 

No matter what the reason is for your hair dye job, here are 7 common questions and fears answered with the help of Tien Goh, Education Manager of Shiseido Professional Singapore.

1. What is the least damaging colour of hair dye?

Hair Dye Jobs Questions And FearSource

Regardless of what colour you choose to dye your hair, the alkali found in the hair dye solution will strip your natural hair colour pigment off. To a certain extent, every colour is damaging. 

However, to minimise hair damage, it is suggested to go for both pre-colour and post-colour treatments. “Pre-colour treatment will help to protect your hair from weakening, whereas the latter repairs and infuses moisture back into your hair”, explains Tien.  

2. How will I know if I suit the colour?

Hair Dye Jobs Questions And Fear

Sometimes the hair colour that you want might not turn out like how you have imagined. To avoid such undesired results, Tien recommends not going from a dark hair colour to a very light shade – “what you can do is slowly lighten or darken your hair each time you visit the hair salon”.

Nonetheless, take note of light hair colour as it can look washed out on Asian skin tones. While Tien highlights that you can enhance it through different makeup and lip colours, there is another option for those who don’t use makeup at all. “Instead of lightening your whole head, you can choose to go for panels or highlights of light colours”, Tien says

3. How long should I wait before I can wash my hair after dyeing it?

Hair Dye Jobs Questions And Fear

Sorry for those who can’t stand a day without shampooing their hair. You’ll have to wait for at least a day after your colour appointment before you can do so. 

After the first wash, it is natural for the colour pigments to fade. Don’t be alarmed as for more intense colours such as red, violet and pink, the fading is even more obvious during the first few washes. 

Other factors that contribute to quick colour fading include UV rays, humidity and pollutants. To protect your hair from them, Tien recommends using products such as Shiseido Professional Wonder Shield at home. It serves as a protective, hydrophobic film for your hair and locks in the hair colour during shampooing. 

4. What can I do at home to maintain my hair colour?

Having a good hair routine will help you maintain your hair colour longer and you can do this easily at home. 

First, go for a coloured hair shampoo as it contains amino acids needed for hair strengthening. Shiseido Professional SUBLIMIC Luminoforce is one of the shampoos made with such ingredients. It slows down colour pigment loss by forming a shield to protect your hair from absorbing water while shampooing. 

After shampooing your hair, make sure to apply a heat-protective product. It will not only prevent heat damage but also help to lock and retain your hair’s moisture. “To further minimise damage, you can air-dry your hair up to about 70%, before drying it with a hairdryer,” explains Tien.  

5. Will my hair become frizzy, weaker and dry after dyeing it? 

Weaker hair is expected after repeated colouring as the main ingredient of hair dye is alkali, which opens up the cuticles to allow the colour pigment to penetrate the hair. Naturally, this can damage your hair protein. 

That said, conditioning your hair after each wash is an essential step for healthy hair. It helps to infuse your hair with moisture and protein and even reconstruct the inner bonds of your hair. Tien recommends: “if you’re looking for a more intensive treatment, you can opt for a hair mask for more in-depth repair once every week”. 

6. Can I perm or straighten my hair after getting a hair dye? 

If you have plans to straighten or perm your hair after getting your hair dyed, make sure to let your hairdresser know beforehand. By doing so, they will advise if your hair condition allows such additional hair services. 

The process of straightening or perming your hair right after a dye job might subject your hair to even more damage, which is what you’d want to avoid.

7. I dyed my hair black previously. How long should I wait before I can dye my hair again?

Hair Dye Jobs Questions And Fear

For those who get bored of your hair colour easily, make sure to plan ahead before dyeing your hair black. 

“Colour remover or bleach is the only way to lighten hair that has been coloured black, so you have to wait for at least 3 months before getting a new hair colour”, recommends Tien. The wait is needed for the black colour pigment to lessen its intensity before you can get a new hair dye job. 

Getting your hair coloured without worrying about damage

Nowadays, dyeing your hair doesn’t necessarily mean you will end up with damaged and dry hair. You can achieve a gorgeous hair colour without compromising the condition of your hair with Shiseido Professional’s latest hair colour range, ULTIST. The collection embodies the original “Color-in-Core Technology”, which comes with 3 different components. 

ULTIST is designed to minimise hair damage even after repeated colouring. This is possible thanks to its Smooth Care Technology, which helps restrain the damage of hair protein and keeps the core of the hair strong. 

Its Micro Oil-in Formula also allows your hair to absorb the colour pigments more effectively. This will leave your hair with a vibrant colour and provide an excellent lifting effect. Time to bid farewell to hair dye jobs that only last a few weeks – or worse, days

ULTIST’s technology ensures better retention of hair colour
Image courtesy of Shiseido Professional

Developed from the newest technology, ULTIST also comes with a Lasting Protection Veil. What this essentially means is that it forms a water-repelling mask on the surface of your hair cuticle to protect your freshly dyed hair. Think of it as a facial mask, but for your luscious locks instead. 

What scores this collection even more brownie points is that ULTIST gives off a refreshing floral scent during the colour treatment. Plus, the hair dyes come packed in sustainable packaging made from sugarcane.

Plan Your Next Hair Colour With Shiseido Professional’s ULTIST

For those who love to experiment with different hair colours, ULTIST comes with 7 ashy hair shades inspired by the elements of nature. It also incorporates a neutral grey base colour to control the red and yellow undertones of Asian hair, which makes it wearable for all skin types. 

If you’re one who enjoys exploring bold colours, “Indigo Blue” and “Iris Violet” add a beautiful contrast to the darker and lighter shade of your hair. 

Hair Dye Jobs Questions And FearFrom left: Iris Violet & Indigo Blue (Kason Kiu, Kiu Hair Gallery), Charcoal Gray (Deslyn Koh, District 19 Salon), Indigo Blue (Richard Tan, Blonde & Pastel Hair Salon)
Image courtesy of Shiseido Professional

For those who want to refresh your look subtly and avoid drawing full-on attention, the refined colours of “Charcoal Gray” and “Bayleaf Green” will leave your hair with a soft and smoky finish.

From left: Cacao Brown (Ken Chong, Maison Hair Salon), Bayleaf Green (John Wong, Mimosa Salon), Taupe Grege (Gene Niu, Walking On Sunshine)
Image courtesy of Shiseido Professional

Those that prefer having a more natural shade for their hair, “Cacao Brown” and “Taupe Grege” both provide classy and sleek looks.

From left: Charcoal Gray & Taupe Grege (Linus Loh, Geranium Salon), Mauve Pink (Dila Rasiti, Leekaja Beauty Salon), Iris Violet (Sean Ng, Shunji Matsuo (Ngee Ann City)
Image courtesy of Shiseido Professional

On the other hand, “Mauve Pink” and “Iris Violet” highlight the individuality of a person and at the same time, are versatile colours suited for different occasions.  

Our colleague, Chow was also one of the ambassadors for Shiseido Professional’s ULTIST campaign where she dyed her hair “Mauve Pink”. Initially, she was worried about the potential damage from the chemical treatments to her hair. However, her concerns were quelled when she learnt that it did not require any bleaching for her to achieve the look.

Chow and her Mauve Pink hair (Kevin Neo, PRIX Salon)
Image courtesy of Shiseido Professional

One thing that left Chow pleasantly surprised was also how the colour “lasted for 2 months before gradually fading to a slight pink-orange hue”. 

Chow added, “I didn’t experience any hair damage and my hair was still very smooth and healthy, compared to my previous times dyeing my hair. Right after the treatment, the Shiseido Professional staff showed me my hair strength by tugging firmly on a strand and the hair remained strong without breaking or fraying.”

When it comes to getting a hair dye job, it’s only natural to feel overwhelmed with concerns and doubts. Shiseido Professional’s ULTIST range will ease those worries, as they provide a healthy hair solution to hair colour enthusiasts – whether you want to experiment away from your natural hair colour, or maintain a shade without compromising your hair health. 

Find out more about Shiseido Professional’s ULTIST range here!

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