Hair Loss Mistakes

There are many things in life we shouldn’t take for granted ‒  technology, security… and even a head of thick, luscious hair. While many people believe hair loss might only happen to them later in life, trust me when I say that it can start as soon as you hit your early 20s. 

FYI, everyday habits we’re all guilty of like sleeping late are actually common culprits behind hair loss. Rather than ignoring these mistakes and going “meh, it’s not a big deal”, read on to learn how you can prevent hair loss early. 

1. Not showering after exercise 

Hair Loss Mistakes

Our scalp is just like our face ‒ instead of pores, it has hair follicles and oil glands. Since we wash our face every day to remove dirt and impurities, we ought to do the same for our scalp to keep it clean. 

Especially after exercising in Singapore’s sweltering weather, excess sweat can easily lead to an itchy scalp and infection. This will in turn disrupt hair growth and lead to hair loss in the long run. Those that head out straight after a spin class or yoga session, you might want to rethink your complacency. 

How to prevent this: According to hair care experts, it is recommended to take a shower after every exercise. Massaging your scalp lightly even without shampooing also aids blood circulation which helps increase the hair thickness by stretching the hair follicles

2. Consuming too much fried and oily food 

Remember how our mothers always told us to cut down on eating fried food? They might actually have had our hair health in mind. 

Not only will consuming too much fried food cause our body to be “heaty”, but they also contain hydrogenated oil which leads to clogged pores that result in oily scalp and greasy hair. To add, the oil from fried food also leads to suppressed hair growth. Yikes. 

How to prevent this: Start with feasible changes in your diet by cutting down the consumption of fried food to once or twice a week. Opt for healthier food options like spinach and sweet potatoes which help to promote hair growth instead.  

3. Using the wrong shampoo and conditioner without professional advice

While browsing supermarket aisles, we tend to be easily sold by the marketing promise of shampoos and conditioners that guarantee our hair to look fuller and shinier. But overusing hair care products or using the wrong haircare could instead backfire. 

Plus, seeking advice from friends and family for hair care products recommendations might be a wrong move ‒ not everyone has the same hair problems. Using hair care products without professional help might worsen your hair and scalp condition instead. 

How to prevent this: Nip the cause of your hair or scalp issues in the bud by seeking professional help like visiting a hair care centre for a detailed analysis or consultation. 

4. Sleeping late or not sleeping at least 7 hours each night

Hair Loss Mistakes

From the latest Netflix series to trendy TikTok clips, there are so many distractions that prevent us from sleeping early. The result? Lethargic zombies the next day guilty of not having at least 7 hours of quality sleep.

A good night’s sleep is necessary to restore hair protein and produce enzymes that ensure healthy hair. A healthy sleep cycle also prevents stress, which is the #1 cause of our scalp overproducing sebum that might “drown” our hair follicle and lead to hair fall. 

How to prevent this: While it is easier said than done, avoid using electronic devices at least an hour before your sleep time as blue light makes it harder for you to fall asleep.  

5. Brushing your hair too often

Hair Loss Mistakes

Unless you’re Rapunzel whose hair gets tangled up easily, there’s no reason for you to brush your hair too often. Frequently brushing your hair can lead to an increase in hair damage such as cuticle breakage and split ends.  

How to prevent this: Brush your hair only twice a day, in the morning and at night, as it helps to distribute your naturally produced hair oil from your roots to your ends. 

6. Dying and rebonding hair too often

Hair Loss Mistakes

Whether you’re sporting a new hair colour thanks to the hands of hair experts or DIY-ing in the comfort of your home, putting heat and chemicals on your hair too often damages your scalp and mane. 

While such actions do not directly lead to hair loss, they weaken the protein structure of your hair. Over time, you might witness your hair suffering from hair thinning and breakage. 

How to prevent this: Use a heat-protecting hair product before applying heat to your hair. For those who easily get bored of their hair colour, wait for at least 3 months before you opt for a new shade. 

Start Your Hair Loss Prevention Early With Beijing 101 Meridian Hair & Scalp Purity Treatment

Many of us have heard of the saying “prevention is better than cure”, but we don’t always heed these words of wisdom. Rather than regretting it in the future, kickstart hair loss prevention early under the care of professional haircare experts. 

Enter Beijing 101 ‒ a familiar household name experienced in helping customers who suffer from various hair concerns for more than 40 years.

Hair Loss Mistakes

To put the brand’s host of services to the test, we sent our colleague Hui Wen down to try out their Meridian Hair & Scalp Purify Treatment. 

P.S: Hui Wen dyes her hair frequently and has concerns like a sensitive scalp, so this treatment was perfect for her. 

Before getting down to business, Hui Wen received a detailed 1-to-1 hair analysis with one of Beijing 101’s certified hair consultants. 

A magnifying device was used to better identify Hui Wen’s hair and scalp problems, and the analysis revealed that she had oil clogged in her hair follicles and minor hair loss. Moreover, the consultant told her that her scalp’s age is older than her age. 

Hui Wen’s clogged hair follicles
Image courtesy of Beijing 101

The cause was due to chemical damage from frequent hair dying and an unhealthy lifestyle like staying up late and eating fried food. According to Hui Wen, fried chicken is her biggest guilty pleasure. 

Hair Loss Mistakes

As a solution to counter those issues, Hui Wen was then invited to a private room for a scalp mask tailored according to her hair condition, which she described as “soothing and kind of minty”. The hair mask was meant to cleanse the scalp by removing excess oil and any impurities. 

Hair Loss Mistakes

After soaking in the hair mask’s goodness for 20 minutes, Hui Wen was treated to a herbal hair wash to rinse off the mask. The use of the herbal ingredient helps to stimulate hair growth and nourish the scalp. 

The following step was Hui Wen’s favourite ‒ the application of a herbal tonic made from premium TCM ingredients such as dang gui and wolfberries alongside a relaxing Meridian acupressure massage. 

Premium TCM ingredients are the key to a healthy scalp as they help to promote hair growth and allow hair follicles to better absorb nutrients easier. 


While many people tend to relate TCM herbs with a pungent smell, Hui Wen shared that the herbal tonic was surprisingly pleasing when the staff applied it to her scalp. Plus, the acupuncture massage hits all the right spots, with Hui Wen mentioning “it was shiok AF”. 

For those who didn’t know, acupuncture massage enhances the flow of blood circulation and promotes hair growth for fuller and stronger hair. 

Hair Loss MistakesThe acupressure massage also extended to Hui Wen’s neck and shoulder

Finally, Hui Wen reached the last stage of the treatment which involved the use of Alpha LED light. A helmet-like device was placed on her head for about 10 minutes which helped to improve blood circulation and boost hair growth.  

Hair Loss MistakesBB-8 who?

Once done, Hui Wen returned to the consultation room for a post-treatment scan to examine how her condition had improved. 

Hair Loss MistakesHui Wen’s hair follicles were free from oil clogs after just one session

Hui Wen was surprised to see that the condition of her scalp had drastically improved ‒ clean and free from oil build-up. If such visible results were possible after just one session, she was convinced that her hair and scalp problems would be resolved with more follow-ups. 

Overall, the experience was comfortable for Hui Wen and she was impressed that the session didn’t just end with a treatment ‒ she also went home with new knowledge on hair and scalp care provided by the staff. Before parting with Beijing 101, Hui Wen was reminded to cut down on consuming oily food and to dye her hair less frequently so her condition wouldn’t worsen.  

Experience Beijing 101’s Meridian Hair & Scalp Purity Treatment At A Special Price

Hair loss shouldn’t be an embarrassing condition since it can happen to everyone regardless of age. What’s important is finding a cure and starting prevention early with a healthy lifestyle. Interested folks who seek professional help for their hair woes can consider Beijing 101’s Meridian Hair & Scalp Purity Treatment. 

For a steal that actually works, the trial treatment is available only at $40 (original $502) and you will also receive $10 shopping credits, which is limited to the first 50 readers.

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Photography by Tasha Sun. 
This post is brought to you by Beijing 101.