Lessons Learnt About Turning 30

When I was a kid, I never understood why some people were so worried about turning 30, probably because the number just seemed so far away from my 20-something self. Now that I am in my 30s, I finally realise the concerns that come with getting “old”.  

While there’s no denying that turning 30 comes with an increasing burden of financial and relationship responsibilities, every cloud has a silver lining ‒ we can always learn from our mistakes and journey in life. 

As such, we spoke to five female millennials to find out what they have learnt from their past selves.  

1. “Be more adventurous in doing things outside my comfort zone” 

From left: Photo taken in 2014, 2023
Images courtesy of Jou

“I turned 30 a year ago, and honestly, it didn’t seem like there was anything different other than having to update my IC photo. On a more serious note, my 20s went by in a blur and if I could change anything, I’d want to have been more adventurous in doing things outside of my comfort zone. 

Since I was living in South Korea at that point in time, I didn’t explore much of the country, and only visited places that I was familiar with. I wish I had done more solo travelling and even signed up for ski classes because I simply can’t do so in Singapore.  

Now that I’ve hit the big 3-0, I realise it is much harder to try new things because of commitments like work and financial responsibility. While I make it a point not to let them hold me back, I’ve come up with a solution ‒ to do things and learn new skills whenever time allows. 

After all, you only get to live once, and I’d much rather live with no regrets.”

– Jou, 30  

2. “Figuring out what products work the best for me”

From left: Photo taken in 2014, 2024
Images courtesy of Qian Yi 

“I’ll be turning 30 in two years’ time, and before I enter the 30s club, I’m learning to focus more on my well-being, health, and improving my skin condition. 

The reason is that I know really good-looking people who age gracefully. Apart from genes, it has to be a lot of intentional work from years ago ‒ whether sticking to a workout routine or using the right skincare products.  

While I regret not figuring out what products worked the best for me earlier, I’m glad that I’m doing so now. For instance, I finally understand the benefits of using skincare products that incorporate Vitamin C in the day and night. Since the ingredient helps to target skin concerns such as dull skin tone, I hope to use more of these products in my skincare routine in the future. 

Sadly, many people perceive those in their 30s as “old”, but I think that is subjective. Everyone will eventually turn 30 one day, and instead of living in denial, embrace it and make the most of life.”

– Qian Yi, 28 

3. “To spend more time on what matters and take good care of my health”

From left: Photo taken in 2014, 2024
Images courtesy of Jia Yi

“I don’t look forward to turning 30 because I feel that I have to hit certain milestones. For instance, there is an unspoken expectation that you should have at least $100,000 in your bank account. 

Since we are now considered “grown” adults, we are also often compared to our parent’s generation when they were 30 ‒ they already had a family or a successful career. 

However, I understand that everyone has their own timelines, and I shouldn’t be comparing myself with others. That said, I have realised over the years that I should spend more time on what matters and take good care of my health. 

Rather than worrying about hitting expectations set by society, I have been focusing on improving my back and stamina, which deplete with age.”

– Jia Yi, 29 

4. “Avoid sweating the small stuff, and consider if it will make any difference a year down the road” 

From left: Photo taken in 2014, 2024
Images courtesy of Renae

“There isn’t any moment in life that I wish to start over, but I wish I could meet my younger self ‒ just to shake her to her senses, and tell her not to get so caught up in things that aren’t that deep. However, everything happens for a reason, and I do feel my hardships were character-building arcs that I had to go through to emerge wiser and more emotionally resilient.

The greatest lesson I’ve learnt is to avoid sweating the small stuff and consider if it will make any difference a year down the road. Most of the time, the things that I almost freaked out over turn out to be something I won’t even remember just two months later. As a chronic worrier and pessimist my whole life, adopting a more zen mindset was a lifesaver.

To those who are also turning 30 soon, I’d say to be proud of yourself for coming this far. 

Take stock of all your learnings because lessons come from hardship. The silliest thing you can do is allow yourself to feel restricted by your age. If anything, you should feel empowered by the fact that you’ve been on this Earth for three decades and counting. Look at the wealth of knowledge and experience you’ve attained! What a slay!”

– Renae, 28

5. “Gaining the mindset of not giving a hoot about things that don’t matter to me”

Lessons Learnt About Turning 30From left: Photo taken in 2010, 2023
Images courtesy of Janice

“The best part about turning 30 is gaining the mindset of not giving a hoot about things that don’t matter to me. As a born people-pleaser, I’ve always found it challenging to draw boundaries and say “no”. But now, it is easier to express myself and turn down commitments that I don’t enjoy.   

Most recently, I spoke up to a secondary school classmate, who suddenly added me to a group chat for casual discussions. However, knowing that the chat would include conversations I wouldn’t participate in, I told him that I’d like to be removed from the group, and he respected my decision. 

The old me would probably be afraid of offending him, but now, I’ve learned to prioritise myself.

On the other hand, turning 30 has made me realise my fears about the future, especially since I am single and childless. It worries me that I might have to fight life’s battles alone in the years to come. 

Nonetheless, I’m grateful for the opportunity to pursue my dream career, which involves landing a job in the media and marketing industry. I plan to continue working hard to achieve my goals and share with others that it is never too late to pursue your dreams.”

– Janice, 31

There Are More Benefits In Turning 30 Than You Think 

Through the responses shared by these millennials, it appears that turning 30 isn’t as daunting as we imagine ‒ far too many of us subject ourselves to society’s definition of “old”.  

Instead, the steps we take into turning 30 are learning journeys, allowing us to gain knowledge and develop new life perspectives. Additionally, as highlighted by Qian Yi, starting early before turning 30 with the right skincare products can contribute to graceful ageing.

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Lessons Learnt About Turning 30

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Lessons Learnt About Turning 30

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Lessons Learnt About Turning 30

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Lessons Learnt About Turning 30Skin condition before and after using Glutalight-C Intensive Brightening Serum and Spot Treatment
Images courtesy of Dr. Wu

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Cover: Images courtesy of Renae.
Photography by Shawn Low. 
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