IT Cosmetics Roving Truck Pop-Up

Here’s the thing about Singaporeans ‒ we can’t resist freebies. If you’re on the lookout for the next steal, keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming IT Cosmetics roving truck pop-up, happening in April 2024. The truck will be making its way to SMU and NTU, allowing you to learn more about their “IT IS ME” campaign, and bring home free samples and snacks. 

The roving truck pop-up

For many of us, makeup and camera filters serve as a means to conceal our imperfections. However, behind this facade lies our true beauty, and IT Cosmetics is encouraging us to embrace our natural selves through effective products that enhance our appearance. 

Titled “IT IS ME”, the IT Cosmetics roving truck offers visitors a chance to experience the real us, and try first-hand their best-selling foundation CC+ Cream. 

IT Cosmetics Roving Truck Pop-UpImage courtesy of IT Cosmetics

But before you dive into the lineup of activities prepared by IT Cosmetics, mark your calendars and take note of the pop-up locations.

Available from 10am to 3pm:
8 to 9 April 2024: SMU, Li Ka Shing Library drop-off point
11 to 12 April 2024: NTU, loading area behind the Hive 

Images courtesy of TheSmartLocal, IT Cosmetics

Since crowds are expected, consider heading down early to score freebies and snacks before they run out. 

IT Cosmetics Roving Truck Pop-UpImages courtesy of IT Cosmetics

To embark on the “IT IS ME” journey, first register to become a Sephora member by scanning a QR code at the pop-up. Those who are already Sephora members can flash their membership instead. Once you’re done, head inside the roving truck, where a shade matching station awaits you to find out your CC+ Cream shade. 

A beauty advisor will be present to assist you, and you can even try out the product to understand why it deserves IT Cosmetics’ best-selling title. 

Images courtesy of IT Cosmetics

Formulated with a skincare and makeup hybrid formula, the foundation features high SPF 50+ protection, and helps to correct, smooth, hydrate, and conceal your skin. What makes the CC+ Cream special is its dual function as an anti-ageing serum, incorporating key ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, and Vitamin E. 

IT Cosmetics Roving Truck Pop-UpImage courtesy of IT Cosmetics

Of course, the CC+ Cream comes in a wide variety of shades, allowing you to find the one that best matches your skin tone. 

P.S.: You only need one to two pumps of CC+ Cream for full face coverage. 

IT Cosmetics Roving Truck Pop-UpImage courtesy of IT Cosmetics

Moving on from the shade matching section, you’ll have the chance to play a round of darts to win sampling kits for the CC+ Cream. This might be your chance to flex your dexterity and hand-eye coordination. 

Image courtesy of IT Cosmetics

Upon completing the “IT IS ME” journey with IT Cosmetics, you’ll also be rewarded with a stick of tanghulu. This sweet treat makes a perfect afternoon snack to keep you energised for the day.   

If you’re interested in purchasing the CC+ Cream, you can do so online on Sephora’s official website, and instantly receive $30 worth of exclusive gifts at the roving truck pop-up upon your visit. 

Don’t Miss Out On The IT Cosmetics Roving Truck Pop-Up At SMU & NTU

Treat yourself to a rewarding and sweet session at the IT Cosmetics roving truck pop-up at SMU and NTU this April 2024. Not only will you discover what it means to accept your natural beauty, but enhance it with IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream while doing so too. 

Find Out More About IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream Here!

Cover: Images courtesy of TheSmartLocal and IT Cosmetics.
This post was brought to you by IT Cosmetics.