Harry Potter Bedroom Items

Although it has been a decade since the last movie of the Harry Potter series premiered, Potterheads still can’t get over the Wizarding World. Now, Japanese brand Belle Maison has come up with bedroom items inspired by the Hogwarts Houses. With items like comforter covers, rugs and curtains, you can transform your room with some of these magical additions. 

Comforter cover

Slide into the comfort of your bed with this Gryffindor-themed comforter cover. 

Harry Potter Bedroom Items

Similar to the beds featured in the Gryffindor common room,  you’ll find this Gryffindor comforter cover in red and orange. Not only is there a Gryffindor crest at the bottom corner, but there are also other Harry Potter references in the motifs including the Hogwarts school crest, crowns and griffins. 

The comfort cover also comes with a zipper which makes it easy to remove the blanket for washing during laundry day.  

The comforter cover retails at ¥3,892 (~S$47.60). 


Potterheads who rather be in a dim room can now have one of these curtains for their windows.

Harry Potter Bedroom Items

The curtains even have heat-shielding properties ‒ perfect for the sweltering weather in Singapore. 

For those with full-length windows, you can go for the curtains with a longer length, and vice versa for those who have standard windows. On the red curtains, the golden motifs make a good contrast against the darker red colour. 

The Harry Potter curtain retails from ¥5,193 (~S$63.50). 

Cushion chairs

Normally, chairs that have reclining properties only come with a few angle selections. But these Harry Potter-themed cushion chairs have 14 reclining specifications, so you can adjust the backrest to an angle that you find the most comfortable.  

Available in the designs of the 4 houses, each cushion chair is also made in the colour which represents their house ‒ Gryffindor in red, Ravenclaw in blue, Slytherin in green and Hufflepuff in yellow. 

If you put the cushion in front of the seat, you can use it as an additional leg rest to stretch – perfect for chill days binge-watching Netflix at home.

Harry Potter Bedroom Items

When the cushion chair is laid out flat at 180 degrees, it is 50cm wide and 125cm long. It also weighs about 5kg. 

Harry Potter Bedroom Items

It even comes with a cloth on the headrest with the embroidery of the animal that represents each house. Plus, there’s also a tassel by the side that matches the colour palette of each respective cushion chair. 

The cushion chair retails at ¥19,900 (~S$243.40). 


In Hogwarts, students are sorted into 4 different houses based on the qualities they have. These Gryffindor and Slytherin rugs have designs that include the words that represent the qualities of each house.  

The Gryffindor rug has the words “courage”, “bravery” and “determination”. In the middle, you’ll also find the motif of a griffin. 

Harry Potter Bedroom Items

As for the Slytherin rug, you’ll find the words “pride”, “cunning” and “ambition” on it. Similarly, there’s a snake motif in the middle. 

Harry Potter Bedroom Items

The rugs also come in 2 other colours of the same design and each has the dimension of 100cm x 120cm. 

The rug retails at ¥4,543 (~S$55.50). 


Make your daily cuppa more magical by storing them in one of these Harry Potter-inspired tumblers and insulation mugs. 

Harry Potter Bedroom Items

The 400ml tumbler is made of stainless steel and a vacuum heat resistant double structure that maintains both cold and warm temperatures. Now, you don’t have to use a spell to ensure that your teh ping will still be cold without the ice melting too fast. 

Harry Potter Bedroom Items

For the tumblers with Gryffindor and Hufflepuff designs, they come in a gold colour, whereas the other 2 are in silver. 

The tumbler retails at ¥2,990 (~S$36.50). 

One thing that annoys people the most about chilled beverages is the condensation that forms on the exterior. 

Harry Potter Bedroom Items

But these Harry Potter stainless steel insulation mugs solve that very problem by preventing condensation. 

They are available in 2 sizes and each comes with a lid for easy sipping on-the-go.  

The smaller mug retails at ¥2,190 (~S$26.80) and the bigger mug retails at ¥2,390 (~S$29.20). 

Other items

Besides the above items, there are also other Harry Potter-themed items like bedroom slippers, night lamps and cushions. 

Put on this pair of cushy platform 9 and 3/4bedroom slippers which come with a non-slip grip at the sole.

Harry Potter Bedroom Items

It retails at ¥1,980 (~S$24.20). 

As Dumbledore once said: “light can be found even in the darkest of times,” keep your room lit up with these cylindrical lamps. 

While they are no deluminator, the lamps light up gently which make them suitable for late nights. They come in the designs of Gryffindor and Slytherin, and are powered by a USB connection. 

You can even adjust the brightness of the lamp in 2 stages by using the button found at the bottom of the lamp. 

It retails at ¥2,918 (~S$35.70). 

Impress your muggle friends with these glow-in-the-dark cushion covers when they come over for a sleepover. 

Under normal light, they look just like cushions decorated with motifs of many Harry Potter references. But, once lights are out, they will glow in the dark as if you uttered “Lumos”. 

Each cushion cover retails at ¥2,200 (~S$26.90). 

These Harry Potter Bedroom Items Are Perfect Additions For Sirius Potterheads

For more Harry Potter-inspired items such as an accessories drawer, air purifier, handbags and apparel, you can find the full collection at Belle Maison’s official website. As the bedroom items are only available for those residing in Japan for now, Potterheads living in Singapore might want to look out for freight forwarding services. 

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All images courtesy of Belle Maison

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